Monday, October 27, 2008

Cranking out the words

Another week to get my backside in gear and crank out the words. I had a fun weekend with a writer friend, Danita Cahill, who writes freelance short stories for magazines. She spent the weekend asking questions me and taking photos for fodder for an article or two about me to send to magazines. It was fun and embarrassing! LOL I didn't mind the questions, some made me really think, but I HATE having my picture taken and she knows it. She is not only a talented writer but a supreme photographer. She took the photos I use for my publicity. And she knows I hate to have my picture taken so she just followed me around while I did my country chores and took pictures. It will be fun to see what she ended up with.

This week my goal/plan is to get at least 15k words on the WIP, but I'd prefer 20k. So my posts this week will be brief as I am off to get this first draft done by mid-November before company descends for Thanksgiving.

What is your week looking like? Any major projects you plan to tackle?


Helen Hardt said...

Good luck on the 20K, Paty. You can do it! I've done 20K in a week; it's not easy, but well worth it when it's over.


Paty Jager said...

Thanks Helen! I have to keep pushing to make my goal!