Monday, October 06, 2008

It Never Ends-

Closure on one story only opens up the possiblities of several more!

I had a successful week last week. It felt so good to stay in the creative mode and write every day. And it worked. My second contemporary western is finished. Now, I await the last chapters back from my CP to see where I might nave dropped the ball. I'm reading back through another time cleaning up, reorganizing sentences, then I'll send it to a beta reader. When it gets back from there, I'll check anything she targeted, then read through one more time to make sure it sparkles then send the full to the editor who requested.

This book couldn't have happened without a lot of help from many people. I'm making a list and they will all be acknowledged in the front of the book when it's puboished. I've been to several rodeos in my day, but I'm not a huge fan of watching horses and bulls slam men against fences, or men getting stepped on or kicked. But I do like watching the barrel racing. And roping is ho-hum for me. So getting other people's views on what goes on behind the arena was fascinating! There's a rodeo coming here this month and I'm going to try and drag my dh to it. Just to keep an eye on the behind the scenes stuff.

As soon as this book gets off to the beta reader I'll jump back into the Historical western that has been calling to me and an agent is waiting for.

I also have book thongs to get made for my book signing next month. At book signings I always give a book thong I've made that relates to the book with each signed book. This time I found a cute cowgirl holding a pistol charm that I'm putting on one end and I have beads the color of the cover on the other end.

How busy is your week looking?


Helen Hardt said...

Congratulations on finishing a book, Paty! That's always a good feeling, and an incredible accomplishment. Sure you don't want to try NaNo with me? LOL.


Lauri said...

Wow girl, you never slow down do you? Congrats on finishing the book! Best of luck with the Beta reader and then on the next one with the agent! Cool!


Paty Jager said...

Hi Helen,
You know, my goal is to have thenext book ready to do revision in November. So being part of NaNo then just doesn't work for me. But thanks for asking.

Thanks Lauri!