Monday, October 20, 2008


I've heard it said many times that as a writer you need to refuel the reserves, especially after you've just finished an arduous project. I'm in the middle of several arduous projects and Friday night was the perfect refueling for me.

My local writers group sponsored a Fall Literary Harvest. This was my first year of being involved and attending. They put out the call for submission that could be read in eight minutes of less, had a panel of television personalities and books store owners pick the top ten and then the top three. The top ten read their work on Friday night.

There were stories about wanting to die, finding your niche in life, a first crush, raising children, and donuts and muffins. And poems about nature, life, and children. It was a wonderful mix of talent and tales that helped to refuel.

What helps to refuel your creative reservoir? Is it just quiet time or reveling in others wonderful words?

The photo is of the Central Oregon Writers Guild board members. I'm on the left.


Helen Hardt said...

Taking a "me" day -- having lunch or coffee with a friend, going for a massage or a pedicure, or just curling up with a good book helps me refuel.


Lauri said...

My local RWA, The Northern Light Writers, holds a writer's retreat every year. It is so fun, and yes, lots of refueling happens! Twelve us of are going to a Bed and Breakfast up on the North Shore Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this week. I'm already packing!

Paty Jager said...

I agree, Helen, I think getting out and having a 'me' day is also refueling.

Lauri, I'm headed to my RWA chapter meeting tomorrow and it will also refuel me. I love retreats. Our chapter usually does one at the Oregon coast in February. Have fun on yours!