Sunday, November 30, 2008

Enjoying the little things

While I haven't delved into anything writing related the last four days, I do feel a bit rejuvenated even if I am glad to have quiet house again. Who knew two small girls, a puppy and a grumpy Tink could make so much racket! LOL The two granddaughters who were here, squeal with glee, squeal when one is tormenting the other , and squeal when their dad picks on them. Tink was not enamored with their new puppy, who wanted to pounce and play all the time.

While their parents hit the shops on Friday morning the girls and I made gingerbread men. Hailie liked to eat the flour and the dough, and Tiffiney liked squeezing the cookie cutter, making skinny and fat men. But the cookies turned out yummy- They filled Great Grandpa with their chewy, gingery treats, and had one at all snack times.

How was your holiday?


Helen Hardt said...

What a cute picture!

We had a pretty low key holiday. Originally, we were supposed to spend the week in Las Vegas at a football tournament, but several players on my son's team were injured, so the team couldn't participate. So we stayed home and had a small family dinner. It was very intimate and nice.


Lauri said...

Your picture is a true reflection of spending time with Grandma!

We had a great Thanksgiving, not only were all the kids here all day, but Dallas, Liz and Isabelle spent the night. It was so much fun to wake up to her in the morning! She came bounding down the stairs shouting Munga (her word for Grandma) and Papa!

The kids all left for their in-laws on Friday, but I still didn't get much writing done, I was too busy working on my hour long talk for this Thursday...If you have any pointers, I'm all ears!


P.S. Thanks for the newsletter with your article! Great info!

Nicole McCaffrey said...

We had a lovely day. The night before Thanksgiving the boys helped me make my dad's Thanksgiving dressing, a family tradition. They won't eat it, of course, LOL, but they love making it and I always appreciate the help and the company. That was probably my favorite part of the holiday.

What a great picture of you and the girls!