Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Five- Internet Promotion Presence

YEEHAW! The DH headed to Elk camp this morning!! If I didn't have a list a mile long of things to do BESIDES writing, I'd be dancing a jig! But I do plan to get as many writing hours in as I can. I want this latest project done! The characters from the next Halsey brother book have been haunting me. They are ready to jump onto the paper, and I can't unleash them just yet.

I had grand hopes of unveiling a new format on this blog today, but I have two little glitches I'm trying to work out. I'm hoping by Monday to roll out the new look.

It is kind of ironic that I was asked by the Willamette Writers organization to put together an article on how to do a virtual tour (a member noticed, on my website, the list of places I've been this month promoting the release of Outlaw in Petticoats ) Then last night at the local writer's meeting our speaker, George Byran Wright, talked about Marketing Strategies. And one of the things he stressed was an Internet presence. So here is a list of ways to make an internet presence when marketing your work.

1) Website: spread the word about the website through friends, colleagues
2) Attempt to link website to book letters, blogs, and other internet sources
3) Have an e-mail newsletter
4) Revise and update website on a regular basis
5) Create a professional press release and send it to websites that promote books like yours


Helen Hardt said...

Great info. A lot of my friends have newsletters, but I've never found the time to put one together.

Nice cowboy ;).


Romance Author said...

Helen, thanks for commenting.

Lauri said...

I haven't done a newsletter either, have thought about it, but am afraid I won't have the time to dedicate to it...Your post makes me think I need to rethink that.

I like the new layout!!!!!

Paty Jager said...

I need to put you both on my newsletter list! I only do about three to four a year. Just when something is released and at Christmas time.