Friday, December 05, 2008

Friday Five- Christmas Traditions

I wavered back and forth over posting something Christmas or something writing related. You see what won out!

My writing unfortunately isn't going as well as I'd hoped because I keep thinking of things I need to do for the holidays. Unlike last year when it was my dh, MIL, and myself staring at one another on Christmas day, this year the house will be overflowing with kids and grandkids, so I, of course, have to make this the Christmas they remember all year long.

So the five traditions:

1) I make a wreath every year out of juniper boughs to hang on the front door.
2) Make gingerbread cookies decorated like each member of the family to hang on the tree in a garland.
3) Hang a stocking for every family member (the MIL makes one each time a baby is born or someone gets married)
4) Make goodies to give to friends and neighbors.
5) The family watches the Muppet Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve.

So far I've managed to get #3 done. So you see why I'm having trouble concentrating. I'll start the cookies next week since we're getting the tree this weekend. And once we have the tree I'll ahve some fir boughs to add to the juniper on my wreath.

Do you have Christmas traditions?

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Lauri said...

Our main tradition is to open gifts on Christmas Eve. All of the boys and their families will be here, as well as my mom, and two of my brothers and their families. It is always a wonderful night!

Have fun with all the grandkids around this year!