Monday, December 29, 2008

Good News- Well for me!

On December 25th, I finished the first draft of my WIP Improper Pinkerton. So I made that goal. Now to polish and send out queries to agents.

And this coming year is our 30th anniversary we scheduled an Alaskan Cruise for next September. It's the only way I'd ever get to go on a cruise ship since my dh isn't the least bit interested in tropical anything. And we'll cruise up and stay a week with our daughter and her family in Kodiak, AK then fly home.

We have four of our grandchildren here for this week then we'll have just two the following week. So if I'm a little behind on blogs that's why!

We had a good late Christmas. The grandchildren were impressed with the 17 foot tree and all the stockings hanging from the loft. Which was my goal. ;)

How was your Christmas and anything exciting happening to you?

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Lauri said...

I've heard the Alaskan cruises are the best! Congrats on 30 years! My husband took me to Graceland (yes, my dream vacation) for our 25th back in 06. We had a great time.

Have fun with all the grandkids!

Our Christmas was wonderful with all the kids here, little ones really make the season bright!

My dear hubby bought me a certificate to attend a conceal & carry class, which I attended on Saturday, and passed. I also got some wonderful Mustang clothes, and other 'decor items' for my car. Which to me, was very exciting.

It also has been exciting seeing Shotgun Bride on the Fictionwise bestselling list.