Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow, Accomplishments, Relief

Yep, we have about three inches of snow this morning. It's zero degrees and ice crystals are floating in the air. A beautiful winter day!

Over the weekend, my dh and I finished the bedroom we've been adding on. It's gorgeous and makes the house feel twice as big. One of the beds is in, I'm waiting for the other one to be delivered. Yes, it's large enough for a queen bed and a trundle. It will house our son and his kids while he's here for Christmas, and our oldest daughter and her girls will be in the other guest bedroom and my dad in the bedroom/sewing room. It's going to be a house full come December 26th!

I have everything done for the holiday except the grocery shopping which I'll do a couple days before they arrive- so what am I going to do for the next two weeks?

WRITE! I plan to get the WIP done by the 25th, so if I don't mention it, ask me in a comment if I'm working on it. I need accountability because it WILL be done by the first of the year!

I finished the gingerbread people garland for the tree. The photo here is of my daughter's family who live in Kodiak, AK. I put their cookies together and took a photo because they won't be here to see the cookies. I made 38 family member cookies. I tried to make something about them depict the person, if they wear glasses they get glasses, if they always wear hats, they are wearing a hat, if they like flowers or hearts they have flowers on hearts on their clothing. Anyway, they are all strung on the tree and it smells gingery!

Hope you are all having a great start to your week!

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Lauri said...

Hope the writing is coming along for you!
I adore your gingerbread men! If you ever want to share your recipe, I'm open to receiving it!