Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Five- Looking 10 Pounds Thinner

No not me! I only walked on Monday this week. The fog and cold kept me inside. I hate walking and having rivers of tears running down my face. I'm not sure why, but when I get in really cold air, my tear ducts let loose and I end up with layers of ice on my face. I know, I should have done something inside, but this was a month where both my writing group meetings fell in the same week, and after two late nights, I was just tired. I promise to get back on the exercise regime this coming week. And you can harass me all you want, because that's what I need.

This is a post for those of you who are looking at getting publicity photos, family photos, ahem.. anniversary photos taken. Here are some tips on how to look thinner when you have your photo taken.

By Julyne Derrick
Secret No. 1: Turn partially sideways to the camera, planting one foot in front of the other. Point your toe to the camera and place your weight on your back foot.
Secret No. 2: Pull head forward slightly to minimize any appearance of a double chin.
Secret No. 3: Hold arms slightly away from your body. This keeps upper arm flab from flattening out and therefore appearing flabbier (much like thighs do when one sits on a couch).
Secret No. 4: Pull shoulders back, chest forward and gently suck stomach in. Be careful not to suck stomach so far in that your ribs show, thereby causing those who later see the photo to cluck to themselves in a bemused, sing-song voice, "She's sucking i-in."
Secret No. 5: If you can get away with it without looking like a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Girl wannabe, try the look away trick. To do this, look away from the camera, then turn towards it, breaking into a smile just before the camera clicks. Your smile will appear fresh, not frozen. This trick takes practice behind closed, locked doors.

When taking a photo it's also important the photographer does not snap the picture from below. This adds another 20-50 pounds to the 10 pounds automatically added by the camera. Find out why cameras add 10 pounds in this article by Geek Sugar.


Nicole McCaffrey said...

LOL I avoid cameras like the plague! I know I shouldn't, but it's really hard for me to see myself in pictures. Sort of like, hey who is that old, fat woman in my clothes?? LOL.

I didn't get in as much exercise this week, myself. Migraines kept me from doing much indoors and frigid (single digit temps) weather kept me from walking my dog.

I'm definitely ready for spring!

Helen Hardt said...

Exercise? What's that? LOL. I've been fighting a horrible backache all week so I haven't done anything physical.

Interesting post, especially the hint about the arms. I hate it when my arms look flabby.

My tag's up if you want to check it out,


Lauri said...

I'm afraid if I tried secret #5 I'd look more like the deer in the headlights, practice or not!

I've always heard you should wear black because it makes you look slimmer, needless to say I have a closet full of black things...It doesn't work for me. :)

I got no exercise the last few days. I was at a United Way conference in the cities, sitting on my butt, the only movement was to get up for more coffee and chocolate.

I'm with Nic...ready for spring. The weather man says we are going below zero again for the next few days. Yes, I know why bears hibernate!

Have a great weekend!

Denise Eagan said...

I wonder if I can practce doing this in regular life, and then I won't have to do all that pesky dieting/exercise stuff. I'm going to practice walking around tomorrow with my arms held out and my head angled away from everyone I talk to :)

Paty Jager said...

Nic, You and me both. I hate having my picture taken because I don't see myself in the dewlapped, gray haired old woman in the photo.

Helen, Yes, I don't feel so bad, I'm not the only one avoiding the "E" word. Read your tag. Great Happy things!

Lauri, I have a lot of black clothes too, because of that. But this article also said as long as you wear all the same color, that helps make you look thinner too, as long as you avoid pink. I can't recall the catty comment about being all pink but it was pretty funny. LOL I hear ya about spring. Last week when I walked it was spring weather here. But this week- That's why I've been bad.

Denise, ROFL.

Anonymous said...

LMAO at Denise's comment! Too funny!

So here I was feeling all guilty and horrible and I come here to flay myself more by reading your blog, just knowing that you and everyone else did great this last week, and instead I see you all did NOTHING, just like me!! Yippeee!! I'm not alone!! LOL

I've been on my feet all week emptying our storage unit, setting up our garage sale over at the old house, and then having said garage sale since Thursday. We made almost $1,000 our first day. Amazing! We had a lot of big ticket items like lawn mowers and stuff. But today was slower. Maybe I can use the money to pay off an orthodontist to wire my mouth closed. Hmm...

Anyhow... I haven't walked at all this week and I've eaten terrible because I'm not home to cook anything. So fast food, pizza, chips and candy bars have been my staples this week. ACK!!

I swear I'm going to do better next week or die trying! Or maybe I'll just die from all the unhealthy foods from this week! LOL

This checking in with you has been very inspirational to me even though I've really blown it this week. Keep up the motivation! I'm still with you and pulling for you, Paty. And all the rest of you, too!!

Here's to a fresh start! *cheers*

Paty Jager said...

Piper, I plan to at least work out to a video this next week if the weather remains so nasty. So we can call this last week a breather for everyone, but we all need to get back into the swing of exercising this next week.

Wow! You did do well with the yard sale. I did one yard sale once and it wasn't worth my time and effort. I just take things to Goodwill now.