Monday, January 12, 2009

Mid-Life Crisis or Holiday Bulge

Yes, I'm feeling the need for a makeover. Not just my hair, but a total body thing. I don't want to look my age. I want to look the way I feel. And I don't feel as old as the person I see in the mirror.

I want the gray hair to go away, but it won't because I'm allergic to hair dye. I want my hair stylish without me having to spend hours and multiple products on it. I want to be thinner and not have to cut out Dove chocolate and potato chips. I want to look in a mirror and not see a round face on a turkey neck. I want to be comfortable in size 12 clothes not snug in size 14.

So to get my body back in control, I'm starting a morning walking regime and I'm getting back to better eating habits. My objective is to be comfortable in size 12 clothes in four months, yep, May 12th, my 30th anniversary, I will be fit and wearing the same size I wore at my wedding.

I don't like to weight myself because I am a heavy boned person. You might laugh, but whenever I tell people my weight they tell me I'm kidding, there's no way I weigh that much. So I don't weigh, I go by my clothes. For this makeover, I'm going to post how many miles each week I walk and I'm going to pick a pair of pants that I can't get into and use them as my gauge for results. I will try them on once a month.

You are my conscience. So if I slack off, let me know it. And if anyone wants to join my quest, I'd love to have you walk with me.


Helen Hardt said...

LOL, now I know why you wanted that mile-o-meter!

I have a similar goal this year. I'm going to try body sculpting. I don't need to lose weight, but I want to tone up. Also, I need to think about my cardio health. I've done little aerobic exercise during the past few years. Strength training is also extremely important for women. We begin to lose bone mass after age thirty (and I'm well past that...)

Best of luck on your fitness goals!


Anonymous said...

Hey Paty The Skinny! I'm with you all the way!! And I'll keep checking on you and you can check on me, too. I hope you like the positive affirmation name I've given you. LOL It will help to keep you going in the right direction and it's support from me and the Universe. I've chosen for myself, Piper The Thin. But you can change yours if you want something different. LOLOLOL

I started walking today at 5-O-Dark 30 a.m. It was kinda scary because I've never walked this road before, but it's a perfect mile long from one end to the other and it's straight. (My dh was with me so it was less scary than it would have been by myself. He doesn't want me out there alone.)

It was funny, while we were walking, a group of women could be heard up ahead, and then when they got to us (there was at least 10 of them) they were so noisy and laughing and talking and having a great time together. They all had flashlights in their hands and you could see them coming from that mile away. It was like a bunch of fireflies coming at us. LOL

I started a diet last week and now the exercise today.

Like you, I don't weigh myself because I'm always waaay heavier than I look. I look at you and I don't think you're over weight at all, but I know how you feel. :) When I tell people how much I weigh they are floored.

My goal is... By May 18th, which is my 41st Birthday, is to be able to wear a size 6. Which is almost where I was when I got married almost 20 years ago. I was a size 4 then. I have 60 lbs to lose, but I don't care about that because I don't own a scale. I just happened to weigh myself not too long ago at my in-laws. Stupid!! LOL Oh, and I'm a very tight size 12 right now and I'm only 5' 5". According to the charts, I'm obese. Isn't that encouraging? LOLOLOL

So, here are my statistics...

Today I started walking and I walked 1 3/4 miles. My goal for tomorrow is the full 2 miles. And my diet is using Melaleuca Attain Bars and Shakes (which taste heavenly BTW) and by using Melaleuca Access Bars every morning 15 minutes before my walk. I've been on this diet for 1 week and already I feel a difference in my energy levels and my pants and bra feel better. :)

Okay, that's my check in for the day. :)

Good luck and I'm with you all the way!!!

Piper The Thin! (See how positive I'm being?!!)

Paty Jager said...

I know you don't need to lose weight, Helen. If I could look like you, I'd be happy, but since you have quite a few inched on me, I'd look good at my current weight if I was as tall. Good luck with your 'sculpting'.

Piper the Thin! Thanks for stopping by and being so encouraging. It's nice to have someone grunting and striving for the same goal. We'll have to show off our new bods at the May chapter meeting! LOL I did 2 1/4 miles or so my pedometer said, but I'm sure I did more than that! LOL I'm going to use the dh's GPS tomorrow and walk the same route and see what it says. If it's less, I'll be ticked! I also did 100 sit ups.

Miss Slick One said...

I know the feeling! But I'm a snug 16!! LOL I started going grey when I was 24. Been coloring my hair ever since. I'm now 42. Scared to death to stop coloring! LOL
I wish you lots of luck and many prayers with everything you do!!
Don't be hard on yourself if you back-slide. It's ok.
Thanks for all my prizes I won!! :)
Phyllis Sherer

Miss Slick One said...

Yea, Piper! Melaleuca Girl! Awesome, me too! Since 2003!

Lauri said...

It must be the year of comfort instead of diets! I want to comfortable in my size 10's, so I've started the five for five. Five minutes of brisk moving five times a day.

And for the hair dye...I received a gift card to a very expensive salon for Christmas so went and had a dye job and hair cut. It turned out terrible! I went and bought an over the counter box, and it looks better--or so my dh says. It's the last time I'll do that one!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Good for you on the sit-ups! I did sit-ups last week and couldn't do them for days! I should do some before I go to bed tonight. :)

Good luck with the GPS thingy. I hope it says you did at least 2 1/4 miles! A few Sundays ago the DH and I drove our road from one end to the other to see how long it is. I just had this feeling it was 1 mile exactly and it was! . It worked out soooo coool!! I knew then that it was Providence that I should be walking that thing. LOL

Have a great walk tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you at O'dark thirty a.m.!

Anonymous said...

Miss Slick One-- I love Melaleuca products. It's so nice to have them delivered to my door instead of shopping! And the products work better than anything at the store, I've noticed. And they last longer! It's win/win all the way. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Paty, I forgot to comment on the whole hair dye thing. Maybe you could use Henna? I've heard that's a really nice alternative and I guess it's natural. Maybe Google it. :)

I guess this is the year for make-overs and stuff because I, for the first time in my life, finally gave in and had my stylist color my hair. I LOVE IT!! I had her do really close to the same color as my natural hair since I'm just now getting grays, and then I had her put red highlights in it. Not the purple/red ones, but the coppery red ones!! No one has even noticed it yet. LOL I guess that shows me how much people care about my hair style and color. My DH said he loves it. He's always wanted me to try red. LOL

I hope you find the exact look you're looking for and that you love it! :)

Paty Jager said...

Phyllis, my dh was gray at 30 but you know on a man it is sophisticated. LOL Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you enjoyed the goodies.

Lauri, I had my hair dyed at a salon one time and I went to work and the color blind person in the office went "WHOA! What did you do to your hair!" That's how shockingly neon I was! I went back and made them tame it down.

Piper the Thin, My dh says the mileage count is about right for the area I covered. Sheesh! Guess I'll make two trips around the place tomorrow! And I'm going to check out the Henna. Thanks!

Nicole McCaffrey said...

I recommend the book "Body Clutter" by Marla Cilley, aka "FLY Lady". (The "FLY" part stands for finally loving yourself.) She says a lot of things that make sense about the choices we make and the foods we eat. And it's not a preachy type of book, just common sense! I've learned a lot.

I walk my dog most days, partly for his health and partly for mine, but I also exercise because I like to eat, LOL. This year, though, on the days we can't get out (ice, snow, bitter cold temps) I'm making it a point to find an exercise show on cable and do a little something anyway.

Keep up the walking!