Monday, January 19, 2009

What a night!

Helen, you would be proud! LOL My friend and I attended a Chippendale's revue last night. No, I didn't offer up any dollars for lap dances, but I watched a lot of women and the dancers and found more fodder for people's reactions and character traits.

If you want to read more about it, you can hop over to: Mid-Willamette Valley chapter blog where I blogged about the experience today.


Lauri said...

Hey Paty,

Your blog made me smile. Somethings just aren't for everyone.

Have a great week!

Nicole McCaffrey said...

Oh my oh my!!! I'm heading over there now, just hope the drool pouring out of my mouth doesn't short circuit my keyboard first...

Paty Jager said...

Lauri, No kidding!

Nic, LOL!

Helen Hardt said...

Now you know I've been busy if I missed this blog on Monday, LOL! I can't believe I'm just seeing it today (Wednesday.)

Believe it or not, though I've been to such shows, I've never offered up any money for a lap dance either. I'm a one man woman. I just like to look. But it has always amazed me how many married women will make out with strangers at these events. Gorgeous strangers, but strangers nonetheless.

I'm heading over to check out your other blog now.