Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Five- Promotion

Last night I was the speaker at my local writers group. My topic was Promotion 101. I gave suggestions on places you can promote. While not all the places get you the biggest bang for your time, they all can draw in potential readers. Here are my five main things I think work.

1) Website- You need this for book stores (when you are setting up book signings) to give to agents and editors you submit too, to give to conference coordinators if you wish to speak at conferences and to lure in readers. This is your resume, your bio, and your ad campaign all wrapped into one element.

2) Blog- I believe in blogging. I spend a lot of time not only on mine but other people's to promote my name. And by guest blogging I hit a new audience each time I visit another blog and when I invite others to post on my blog I am bringing in a new audience with their readers.

3) Join chat groups. I'm on quite a few, but I don't 'chat' on them every day. I skim maybe comment back to someone I know and leave promo e-mails for my stuff. But I still keep a small presence. It is the best way to put information out to readers about what I am doing.

4) Ask to do author promo day son review sites and chat sites. This is where the review sited keeps your interview up for a month or you have the whole day to chat with others about your books and you.

5) Blog Talk Radio- I don't know how many people listen to blog talk radio, but it is an experience that is helpful for any type of interview you may come across about your book. It's less intimidating because it is done by phone, but you still have to think quick on your feet.

And those are the five things I feel help you with promotion that are the simplest and cost the least amount of money.

Any authors out there have some they would like to share? Or your feelings on these?


Helen Hardt said...

I do all of these things (though I admit to slacking on my website) except blog talk radio. I don't actually have a clue what that is, LOL.

Lauri said...

These are great suggestions! You are so good with promo! Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Johnson said...

Thanks for this, Paty. Very nice.

Paty Jager said...

Helen, Blog talk radio is fun!

Lauri, Thanks for stopping by.

Jennifer, Thank you for visiting my blog.