Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Five- Research Finds

This was a research week for me. On Tuesday I visited Boot Maker- D.W. Frommer to gather info for a novella I'm writing. On Thursday, I visited the Oregon School for the Blind to gather info for my WIP. When I gather information during research my brain starts putting together what if's and scenes.

Below are five things that while researching I had 'aha' moments.

1) Boot makers made wax of pine rosin, pine pitch, and either cod oil, whale sperm or bees wax. Part of the process is pulling the wax like taffy.

2) D.W. explained how they worked the yarn into ten strand lengths to sew the leather together. They roll it on their apron working in the wax.

3)A boot maker needs long fingernails as they use them to mark the leather for pegging marks.

4) There are only six keys on a braille typewriter.

5) To write in Braille you have to think backwards.

Now if you want to know how I use these you'll have to wait for the books to be finished.


Lauri said...

Wow! Very interesting! Sounds like you had a great week! I really look forward to the blind story!

Helen Hardt said...

Ha -- I won't have to wait because I'll see your WIP! LOL

Paty Jager said...

Thanks, Lauri.

Helen... Yes, you will find out before anyone else how I make these things work. LOL Thanks for commenting!