Monday, March 09, 2009


Last week I was notified that Outlaw in Petticoats was this month's read at an online e-book club. The person in charge for the e-bookclub also puts out a newsletter and she asked me if I'd like to do an interview for the newsletter. Well, heck yah! You know me,if I can do promotion without being in person, I love it! The other good news is being the read for this club boosted my sales and pushed me(last week) to #1 in historical book sales and #5 overall. I've received great reviews for Outlaw in Petticoats, and was worrying the book hadn't been hanging in the top ten for awhile. But those numbers are just for sales at the Wild Rose Press site. I won't know what it's been doing in other places until I get my quarterly report in the next couple of weeks.

Other news, If any or you are in the Spokane area, I'll be at the Inland Empire RWA conference on Saturday March 14th, both giving a workshop on characterization and at the book signing in the evening. I'd love to meet you! It's at the Hilton Garden Inn.

And this week, on my promo Wednesday we have Harlequin Love Spells author Terri Reed talking about her latest release. Terri is a wonderful author and person. I'll tell you more about Terri and I on Wednesday.

So how's your week shaping up? A lot on your plate or just enough to keep life interesting?


Helen Hardt said...

Congratulations again on the bestseller spot!

My week is shaping up as usual -- lots to do! I have edits for two of my upcoming releases that I have to get done. Next week I'm doing my taxes...enough said :(.


Lauri said...

Wow! Congrats on the bestselling list, and on the book club read! COOL!

What happened to the horse in your picture? LOL.

My week is busy, mainly work, it's grant making time of the year.

Paty Jager said...

Thanks Helen. Ugh, taxes. My dh does those and we've already received our refund. He makes our appoint the first week of February every year before the accountant gets harried.

Thanks Lauri! LOL that was one of the pics I took while coming up with the cover. Bud was happily eating grass out of the camera's sight. Good luck with the grant making!