Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday Promo- Diana Palmer

I'm excited to welcome HQ author Diana Palmer to my blog. As a western author and reader,I've enjoyed her books and was pleased she accepted my invitation to guest blog.
New York Times bestselling author of over 100 novels, Diana Palmer published her first novel in 1979.

Palmer began her career as a newspaper reporter and columnist, a path she followed for 16 years. When her novel Heather’s Song was purchased in 1980, she retired her press badge and devoted herself to fiction. She has written some 115 novels, including historical and contemporary westerns and one science-fiction novel. Her books have been translated into languages all over the world.

She graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in history in 1995—at the age of 48. Palmer is a member of the National Cattleman’s Association, The Planetary Society, the Georgia Sheriff’s Association and numerous conservation and charitable organizations. She is listed in Twentieth Century Romance and Historical Writers Who’s Who, and the International Authors and Writers Who’s Who. Her awards include ten Waldenbooks bestseller awards, four B. Dalton bestseller awards, a Series Storyteller Career Achievement award from Romantic Times, and several regional awards. Her hobbies include gardening, knitting, quilting, anthropology, astronomy and music.

Palmer lives in northeast Georgia with her husband, James Kyle, and a menagerie of animals. She loves Spanish-language soap operas and fast cars—her latest is a supercharged Jaguar.
She and James have a son, Blayne, who is married to the former Christina Clayton. The younger Kyles have a brand new daughter, Selena.

Why do you write historical westerns? What drew you to them?
Although I have written historical westerns in the past, HEARTLESS is a contemporary western, set in a small fictional town in Texas. I fell in love with the west when I was just a girl. I spent hours reading Zane Grey novels, not to mention all the western history I could lay my hands on. I still think that the idea of people living on the land, close to nature, is what life should be. I grew up on a farm, which might have fostered those ideas. I still love animals, and I keep cats and dogs and birds and the odd lizard for pets.

How did you come to be a harlequin author?

I started out trying to get published at the age of 13, but didn’t make it until I was in my 30’s and expecting our first and only child. Harlequin was the largest publisher of romance novels in the world and I hoped I had enough talent to get me noticed there. I put in 16 years as a newspaperwoman, learning my craft. When I began writing fiction, first, I managed to get published by a small, new house. Then, when I had some publishing experience, I tried Harlequin. They did hire me, and after 29 years, I am proud to say that I am still a Harlequin author. (This is an indication of how nicely they treat their authors, by the way!)

What is your favorite thing about writing?
What I like most about writing is the delight of creating. It never gets old, I always love it, and I never get tired of doing it. The process seems to me magical, though. I have never understood how it works. When I start putting things down on paper, I have no idea what I’m going to write. But I always seem to come up with something. I love my job. The other nice thing about it is the people who read me, whom I get to meet at signings. I have a large reader base. Over the years they have been my friends and my family, and I love them every one.

BLURB FOR HEARTLESS(HQN Hardcover, June 2009):
As a teenager, Gracie worshipped her stepbrother, Jason, a strong, silent young cowboy who left home early to seek his fortune. Though Gracie hadn't seen him in years, when her mother passed away, Jason ensured that Gracie would be cared for. Now the wealthy owner of Comanche Wells ranch, Jason has finally come back home, and discovered that the little girl he knew is all grown up.

When a moment of unbridled passion results in a kiss, Jason realizes that he's falling for Gracie. But Gracie harbors a shameful secret that makes her deeply afraid of love. Stung by her rejection, Jason leaves, ready to put the past—and the one woman he can't have—behind him once more.

Gracie thinks she's lost Jason forever. But when danger threatens her and the ranch, she can only hope that her long, tall Texan will come blazing home to save her, despite her secrets—and take control of Comanche Wells, and her heart, once and for all.

Excerpt from HEARTLESS:
Around midnight, Gracie and Jason ended up together at the drinks table. Couples were out on the floor dancing to a lazy, romantic melody.
“Care to dance?” she asked with a grin.
He shook his head.
She wasn’t really surprised. He’d danced with several other women during the evening, including an elderly woman who came to the party alone. But he never danced with Gracie, no matter how hard she worked at convincing him to; not for over two years.
She frowned. “You dance with other people.”
He glanced down at her. “I’m not dancing with you.”
She felt unsettled by the refusal. She didn’t understand why he was this way. She might be clumsy, but she did all right on the dance floor. She picked up a champagne flute and filled it.
“Don’t get your feelings hurt,” he said curtly. “I have reasons. Good ones. I just can’t discuss them.”
She moved her shoulder. “No problem,” she said, putting on her party smile.
He turned to face her, his jaw taut. His black eyes were oddly glittery as they met her wounded gray ones. “You look, but you don’t see, Gracie,” he said curtly.
She stared up at him miserably. “I don’t understand.”
He sighed. “That’s an understatement,” he said under his breath.
She sipped champagne. One of his lean, beautiful hands came up and took the flute from her fingers. He lifted it to his mouth, sipping the sparkling amber liquid from the exact spot her lips had touched, and he looked straight into her eyes while he did it.

Long, Tall Texans
HQN Books
ISBN-10: 0373773781
ISBN-13: 978-0373773787


Linda A. said...

Good to see you hear, Diana! I've enjoyed your books for a long time. I also grew up on Zane Grey and Louis L'amour and fell in love with Westerns at a very young age. I'm surprised more girls don't. Rugged, handsome, resourveful heroes, spunky heroines, horses - what more do we need?

Judith Rochelle said...

Diana, I must be your Number One fan because I have your entire collection of books. I love them, especially those set in Jacobsville, and have certain ones I love to reread. Living in the Texas Hill Country, surrounded by ranches and hunky cowboys, your books have special meaning for me. The first one I read, Before Sunrise, sent me scrambling to buy your backlist and I have bought every new release since. But Jeremiah will always be my special heartthrob.

Nancy M said...

I think I have every book you eveer wrote also, Diana. used to buy them as soon as they came out but can't afford the hardbacks now. Always buy them as soon as I see a new one in paperback.
I like your voice, your characters, and your settings.
I am particularly grateful that you do not use profanity and blasphemy or obscenities even though writing about ex- military men and cowboys/ ranchers. The books are proof that one can write a believable and interesting story without so called modern language.
As you might tell, I am more of the "crackers and milk" school. Characters swear but we can make up our own words when Boone Sinclair teaches the cops new ones.
I live in Sandy Springs, Ga which is rather a far cry from Jacobsville and such, though I probably know more people in Jacobsville than here.

Tanya Hanson said...

Wow, Diana Palmer. How lucky are you, Pat. Be still my heart.

I echo Linda A. Diana, you do it all and so very, very well!

Keep 'em coming.

Helen Hardt said...

Diana, I'm a huge fan! I love your work. No one writes a passionate cowboy quite like you do ;).

I think it's wonderful that you completed college in your forties. I honestly feel education is wasted on the young sometimes. If I were in college now, I'd get so much more out of it than I did when I was twenty.

To echo Tanya, keep 'em coming!


Lauri said...

Thanks Paty for providing these wonderful Wednesday Promos!

I too am a fan, Diana, thanks for providing so many great stories for readers to enjoy. AH...westerns...I'm with Linda, rugged, handsome, etc. etc, what more do we need?


I been a fan of your since the beginning. Whenever I see a Diana Palmer's book I know I'm for a good read.

Billie Warren Chai said...

I remember lunch with you in Atlanta. I'm still buying and enjoying your books.
Keep writing and I will keep buying and what my husband doesn't know won't hurt me.

Anne Carrole said...

Love your books--you do such great heroes!Can't wait to read Heartless. And of course, share your love of the west.