Monday, June 01, 2009

Fun Weekend but exhausting!

We did a 1100 mile round trip this weekend. Leaving at 2:30 on Friday. My dh sold some farm equipment through an agriculture newspaper to a man in Eureka, CA and I wanted to attend my cousin's daughter's wedding in Santa Rosa, CA. So we cut over from Central Oregon to the coast by Crater Lake, what a beautiful drive! We crossed the Rogue River,(see photo) and proceeded on our way to Eureka, only Tink needed a potty stop and the only place we could find off the road was an old cemetery.

You might think this morbid, but I love cemeteries. I like reading the names(gives me ideas) and wondering about their lives. That's the writer in me I guess. Anyway, while Tink trotted around sniffing and finding the right spot, the dh and I ambled through the old part. The dh stopped and said, "Look- only ten years old". And I found one that had to be father and son. One was born 45 years after the other and the older one died a year after the younger man. (They both had the same last name and were on the same stone.)

We continued on- made it to Eureka at 11pm that night, found a motel, fell into bed and slept poorly because Tink kept wanting to go outside. About three-thirty we came to the conclusion she was not going to sleep all the next day while we traveled. LOL

8am we delivered the farm equipment and headed farther south to Santa Rosa. We arrived two hours before the wedding, ate a quick lunch, and changed our clothes. The wedding was outside, beautiful, and the couple had so much fun during the ceremony I was glad I went! I visited with a relative I haven't seen in a long time. We stayed for the reception dinner but left when the dancing started as we wanted to head back part way. We took the central route home, all freeway and not nearly as pretty, but we made it home Sunday afternoon by 3pm. that was our whirlwind weekend. I took my laptop to write while the dh drove but I didn't get near enough done because my cold was still lingering and my sinus kicked up on Saturday, making me nauseous just riding in the pickup let alone trying to read anything! So my huge word count I hoped for before I left didn't happen. Oh well, I have this week, until company descends again on Wednesday! LOL

Not only did I get some names, but I also had an idea for a contemporary western come to me on the drive. I love driving around and seeing things- it always seems to trigger ideas!

How was your weekend!


Susan Kelley said...

That is some serious driving. I can't write in the car, I get motion sick. I do get ideas though when I do any traveling. Rest up.

Helen Hardt said...

Cemeteries are interesting, and they're becoming a thing of the past. That's a gorgeous photo!

Linda A. said...

Sounds like quite a weekend, Paty. I also love old cemeteries, and there are some great ones here in Nova Scotia. In the oldest cemetery here in Halifax, there's a stone that reads 'here lies---, murdered by---- on such and such a date early in the 1800's. No, the killer wasn't buried nearby, but I looked for him.

Paty Jager said...

Susan, As long as my sinuses aren't bothering me I can usually read or write in the car. And I do a lot when we go on trips. Seems like everywhere we travel is at least three hours one way! Thanks!

Helen, As you could tell I took the photo out the window of a moving car, but it was so pretty I couldn't resist trying. Yes, cemeteries do seem to be fading.

Linda A. I love the inscription! You east coasters have cemeteries that date back farther than ours on the west coast. We have the 1800's but you have clear into the 1700's. It's like when we went to Holland visiting my husbands family and the dates on the buildings were mind boggling to me. They were older than America's been a country!

Lauri said...

Wow! What a trip! I too love cemeteries. I found the graves of a set of twins while we were putting flowers on my grandmother's-in-law grave when we were in Kansas. I still find myself thinking there is a story there.

Company again...I know the feeling! And then of course grad parties are starting to hit every weekend!