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Wednesday Promo- Lawmen and Outlaws Anthology

I am tickled to be able to showcase the four authors in the June release Lawmen and Outlaws Anthology. These are fellow Wild Rose Press Cactus Authors. Each story is unique in its style, delivery, and characters. It's what I like in an anthology, getting a taste of several writers and not feeling like the stories are clones.

The authors are Lauri Robinson, Loretta Rogers, Linda Carroll-Bradd, and Helen Hardt.
I asked them each the same questions and I think you'll find their answers as discerning as their stories.

Why did you write a novella?
Lauri:It wasn’t really a choice. Sheriff McBride came to me as a short story. Neither Adam nor Hannah needed a lot of time to tell their story. When some characters form in my head they tell me their entire life story, but with these two, they just wanted me to know they’d met and lived happily ever after.

Loretta:Because we live in a fast paced world where instant gratification is in demand, I believe people are more likely to read a novella where they can experience the entire story, and reach the happily-ever-after ending in an hour.

Linda:This length of story (18-25K) is my favorite. I tend to write stories that focus tightly on the hero and heroine—some have only one or two other characters. But in this story, the town and its inhabitants have a bigger part to play-from both the hero and heroine’s perspectives. I also like stories that occur in a compressed timeframe so I often build in deadlines that push the characters into action.

Helen:I enjoy writing shorter lengths. I've found that when I sandwich them between longer works they break up the monotony and get my creative juices flowing. Or are you asking why did I write this particular novella? I love western historicals, and I have a particular affinity for stories set on the Dakota prairie, due, no doubt, to my childhood fascination with Laura Ingalls Wilder. When the submissions call came out for Lawmen and Outlaws, I was working on a novella for TWRP's Earth Songs series (which, nearly a year later, still isn't quite done, LOL.) Anyway, I had recently discovered that the father of my heroine was a former bounty hunter, and that intrigued me. Hmm, maybe there's a story there. My bounty hunter hero quickly became an outlaw accused of a crime he didn't commit, and my heroine's mother from the other story became the beautiful preacher's daughter he kidnaps to escape the small town where he's imprisoned. Once I had my premise, I sat down and wrote up a synopsis to be considered for the LO anthology

Tells us why you chose either the outlaw or the lawman to write about.
Lauri:Again, I didn’t choose. I had already written half the story when I heard about the opportunity to submit a story for the Lawmen and Outlaws Anthology. I lengthened the story to fit the guidelines and crossed my fingers.

Loretta:In the movies, the good guys always win. The outlaw is either sent off to prison or buried in Boot Hill. Like Jesse James, my character McKenna Smith, in McKenna’s Woman is an outlaw looking for redemption and he’s willing to pay the price to right the wrongs so he can fulfill his hopes and dreams. In many ways, I’ve always been a sucker for the underdog.

Linda:Quinn Riley is a man bound by rules and duty and who thinks he knows how the rest of his life will proceed. Raised on a succession of army forts, he has always known order and routines. The Civil War is only six years in the past and he is still haunted by his brother’s death. Quinn is determined to find the man who bilked his parents out of their savings, somehow believing this act will redeem how they view him. When a feisty Easterner arrives and starts asking about Shamus Mulcahy, the very man he’s been searching for, Quinn vows to stick close, hoping she’ll divulge a clue about where to locate the swindler.

Helen:There's something deliciously exciting about an outlaw from the Old West. At least in a romance novel, LOL. The ruggedly handsome outlaw with a heart of gold gets me every time. Lawmen can be enticing, as well, but the heart-pounding danger of riding off with an outlaw, and then finding in him your soulmate -- well, that's a great romance!

What makes your hero and/or heroine special?

Lauri:Adam McBride is the youngest of the three McBride brothers, and was instrumental in getting his brothers to the altar. (Rancher McBride and Doctor McBride are both available at The Wild Rose Press.) He was so smug about their marriages, I knew he had to get hit by a woman that would send him rolling head over heals. That woman is Hannah Stewart. She’s just as bowled over by Adam, but being an outlaw—due to circumstances beyond her control—has her running for the hills as soon as they meet. I liked Adam’s sense of humor as soon as I started writing his story, and my heart went out to Hannah. She is determined and resourceful, but also a soft and caring woman who is always thinking of others. It seems she gets the short end of the stick in every situation, and it was fun to watch her come out ahead in the end.

Loretta:In McKenna’s Woman, the heroine Audra Tadlock is faced with challenges that would turn most women into simpering ninnies. Not Audra. In spite of being kidnapped by an outlaw who cut her hair off and dressed her like a boy, forced to recall an emotionally painful childhood experience, and then finding out the twin brother she thought had died was still alive, but is an insane killer, Audra reaches to the depths of her bootstraps and survives—including when she is shot. She is a young woman who grows in maturity and wisdom.

Linda:Ciara Morrissey is spirited, outspoken and raised in the East in a totally different way than Quinn. Her parents were progressive free-thinkers, living for a time on a Transcendental communal farm. For several years, Ciara has cared for her ailing grandparents and mother, taking odd jobs to put food on the table. When a stagecoach robbery takes her money and valuables, she sees no alternative but to continue her jill-of-all-trades ways. In no way is she prepared to meet the stern, but so handsome, sheriff who won’t reveal the information she wants—the whereabouts of her father.

Helen:I admit it -- I'm a sucker for a strong and passionate hero who's a little tortured. Bobby Morgan lived through the slaughter of his parents and has been on his own since age ten. When he kidnaps Naomi Blackburn to save his own hide after he's falsely accused of murder, he doesn't plan to fall in love. He's not even sure he's capable of the emotion. But he falls, and he falls hard. What makes him special? He's willing to move the world to keep his woman safe -- even if it means giving her up.
Naomi's preacher father has taught her to love her fellow man. Though she's frightened, she eventually looks past Bobby's rugged outlaw exterior and sees the kind and loving heart that beats within him. When she falls for him, she makes it her goal to help him see his own worth. And that makes her pretty darn special ;).

You can purchase this great collection of stories at:The Wild Rose Press
Thank you Lauri, Loretta, Linda, and Helen!


Caroline said...

Hi Patty, Lauri, Loretta, Linda, and Helen! Wow, that's a mouth full. LOL

I enjoyed reading all your answers. Very diverse. Your stories sound wonderful--and your cover is so beautiful. I wish you much success with Lawmen and Outlaws!!


Lauri said...

Thanks for stopping by Caroline, and THANKS Paty for featuring Lawmen and Outlaws today.

I enjoyed reading Loretta's, Linda's and Helen's answers!

Have a great day all!

Helen Hardt said...

Thanks for having us today, Paty!

Caroline, I'm glad you enjoyed the interview ;).

Hi Lauri!

Loretta C. Rogers said...

Who doesn't like to see their name in print? I'm not raising my hand because I love. . .love reading about myself. Okay, call me egotistical. Thank you, Paty for posting the interviews. I enjoyed reading each author's prospective on the questions. It's really wonderful sharing the lime-light with Lauri, Linda and Helen (all talented authors).

Thanks for stopping by, Caroline. I hope you'll enjoy reading Lawmen and Outlaws as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Cari Quinn said...

Great interview...really fun to hear all the authors' different perspectives. Lawmen and Outlaws is at the top of my TBR pile and I can't wait to read it! :)

Nicole McCaffrey said...

Great interview, ladies. I'm really looking forward to reading this one!

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Hi Ladies! Great blog. I can't wait to get a hold of this collection. sounds fun!