Monday, July 13, 2009

Life as I see it.

Sorry this is late- I got caught up in taking one of those dumb quizzes on facebook. Have you taken any? I take them but don't post the results. I just want to see who of my facebook buddies I'm like and usually it isn't the person I think. I don't see myself as bubbly and people oriented as my writer friend, Lisa, yet we both came up Welsh Corgi. And I know about half of the questions we didn't put the same answers. We are too different. Which leads to the quizzes are for entertainment, pure and simple- just like my books. While I do put a lot of research- things most readers probably don't notice as research into my books, I also want them to be entertaining. That's what the majority of people read for, entertainment, and to be taken away from their real world.

Well, right now I'm in revision H*ll! I've told many writer friends over the years, I don't like revisions and right now I"' making some whopper changes in the next Halsey book and while it's congealing in my head, getting myself to sit down and rip out sections and rewrite is like beating myself with a board full of nails. But I'll get it done. I have to. The book needs it and I need to make myself do this.

I'll have a guest blogger on Wednesday, Laura Hogg, please stop by and say hello. This week is another travel week for me. I'm off to Princeton to change water than on to Baker City to do signings at the Miner's Jubilee on Friday and Saturday.

Have a good week!


Lauri said...

Good luck with the revisions! I know it'll turn out wonderful.

Have fun at Princeton, and I hope you sell a load of books at the booksigning!

Nicole McCaffrey said...

Revisions are never fun, but they are an opportunity to strengthen your story, so try to think of it that way. I had to do them with The Model Man, and I really much prefer the way it came out as opposed to what it was before.

One of my favorite quotes on writing is: There's no great writing, only great re-writing! LOL.

You'll get through it!

Paty Jager said...

Thanks Lauri and Nicole!