Monday, August 10, 2009

Character types- Two

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As promised more about enneagrams from Laurie Schnebly Campbell.

Type Two is the Nurturer, the Helper, the Giver, who loves taking care of other people and feeling needed. They'll go out of their way to nurture everyone around them, always focusing on what others need more than on what they need. In fact, they'll frequently neglect their own needs and wind up feeling kind of hurt because, "With all I do for everyone else, what thanks do I get?"
Two's motto is "People depend on me," and they live to be needed. An example might be Beth in Little Women, or Rachel in Susan Elizabeth Phillips' DREAM A LITTLE DREAM, where she was starving herself to feed her little boy. Twos are constantly giving, giving, giving.

TWO's deadly sin is Pride...these are the nurturers who take pride in being indispensable to those people they care for. She's had to quit knocking herself out trying to create the perfect world for her loved ones. And while this woman who spends her every waking hour nurturing others might sound like a doormat on the surface, in fact she can be a tremendously powerful character to watch. Seeing her overcome that pride in being indispensable, watching her realize that she can let go and the world won't come to an end, is a huge triumph. When she can finally stop doing for others as a way of fitting in, she's discovering her true power...and from then on, her nurturing comes from the strength of love rather than the weakness of pride.

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