Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday Faves- Personality traits

Wow- Can you believe it's September already??? Where did the summer go? I feel like I missed it and perhaps with all my traveling this summer I did.

Nothing spectacular for Faves this week. I've just been busy. I did meet three authors last Saturday who were wonderful: Enes Smith, Kristy St. Clair, and Jill Williamson. And two ladies, Kelly Cooper and Eloise Boren friendly aspiring writers. The other good thing to come of that appearance- the local mercantile requested my books to put in her store. This is why I spread myself thin- to make sure I i=hit everywhere who would like my books.

Oh, and I've been picked up to do another online workshop next spring and asked to do a workshop of my RWA chapter. So I"' a busy girl with prepping for those things as well.

I also met someone new who I will be traveling with and sharing a room with at the Emerald City conference in October. The fun part is she grew up close to the NE corner of Oregon I did.

Now for the next installment of the ENNEAGRAM by Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Type Five is the Observer, the Thinker, who'd rather be behind a book than out there involved in the world. They like to keep back, keep to themselves, study like crazy but always from a distance. They tend to "compartmentalize" their lives: work here, family there, one friend here, another group over there.... They're proud of getting by with very little, and they're very careful about guarding their time and their privacy and their personal space.
Sherlock Holmes sounds like a Five, because he's not involved in the world except on an intellectual level. Real-life Fives might be Albert Einstein (your classic ivory-tower professor), Greta Garbo ("I want to be alone"), and George Lucas (who dreamed up the whole Star Wars universe). Fives are out there in this whole other dimension, and it's mainly a world of the mind.

FIVEs need to overcome Avarice. These are the observers who are greedy about their precious time and their own personal space. In order to overcome their deadly sin, they'll have to quit being greedy about their own private selves and learn to share. Someone who spends their whole life wrapped up in solitude will have a really hard time letting a lover into their world. You're going to get some pretty intense conflict and crackling tension as this unfolds. Picture an ivory-tower professor leaving his library door open a crack when the heroine is nearby. Then slamming it shut. Opening it another crack... Picture someone who never talks about their feelings, opening up to a lover for the first time. It's exhilarating, watching a Five realize they can share their private world with someone else...that they can finally open the door and let love in.

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ddurance said...

I'm so glad the summer's gone. Fall is my time, love the colors, love Halloween, love the temperature and the smells. It just suits my temperament and mood much better than summer.