Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wednesday Promo- Miner in Petticoats

Yes, pushing my book. I've received some wonderful reviews the best being my daughters saying it's my best book yet. Which I'm hoping means that my writing is getting better and better.

So I'll leave you with some review snippets and an excerpt.

I adored the chemistry between Aileen and Ethan and I would describe their relationship as finger tingling, it affected me that much. Their growing intimacy was powerfully and realistically portrayed. I also feel the need to mention how well Aileen’s son Colin was characterized as he has seen a lot of tragedy in his short life and I could almost feel the weight of his responsibility toward his mother and sister. Colin is instrumental in an exciting, unpredictable plot that had me well and truly hooked. I understand this is part of a series of books relating to the Halsey clan and I really look forward to reading more. Rose-- Reviewer for LWR Book Reviews

This third in the series is another excellent tale of the old west, values worth living, and dastardly villains who are often wolves in sheeps' clothing. Ms. Jager keeps a level of suspense throughout that has us holding our breath, almost afraid to find out what may happen. The reader will probably hate to put the book down until each problem is solved, some in a surprising and unique way. This is a great read. The Romance Studio

Miner in Petticoats is rich in character and setting and reading it feels a bit like taking a walk through a history museum. I've read a lot of American historical fiction and felt this story was well-researched.
The set up was interesting and believable and the conflict was strong. I felt there was good character development and enjoyed the children's characters. Night Owl Romance

This heartwarming story has some nice twists, including a heroine who’s more experienced in bed than the hero (and in a historically accurate way!), a tortured teen, a murderer (or two?) and more than a few head injuries. Jager keeps you reading until the very end by keeping you on your toes and wondering what’s going to happen next. WRDF Reviewer

“Mrs. Miller?” he asked, extending his hand. She kept her head tipped forward just enough her
face was shadowed and hidden behind the brim of the hat.

“Who be askin’?” Her voice caught his attention with its deep, lyrical tone.

“I’m Ethan Halsey. My brothers and I have a claim just over the ridge.” It aggravated him he couldn’t see her face and register how she took his words.

“Are ye lost?” The voice vibrated under his skin, causing his body to warm.

He cleared his throat. “No, I’m not lost. I’m looking for Mrs. Miller. I’m assuming that is you,
since you’re the only grown woman I see here.”

“Ah m Aileen. Ah dinnae fancy bein’ called Mrs. Miller.”

This disclosure piqued his curiosity. “Mrs— Aileen. I’ve come with an offer.” Her head tilted, tipping the wide-brimmed hat to the side and revealing a slip of her face.

“And whit may this grand offur be?” He saw the slightest curve on one side of her lips.

“Ma’am, not to sound bossy, but I’d like to see your face as we discuss this proposition.” Her
shoulders dipped slightly before she squared them, stretched her neck to its full length, and
whipped the hat from her head. Copper sparks reflected off her hair as the sun lit her dark locks.
Ethan hadn’t believed the words of a cowardly man like Miles, and he was happy to see there
wasn’t any kind of mark on the woman’s face, at least none put there by the devil. Her skin was
abundantly sprinkled with angel kisses. That was what his mother had called the freckles on her
face. Angel kisses. He’d always had a fondness for freckle-faced women and children.

“Thank you, I appreciate seeing people’s eyes when talking business.” Ethan took a step closer
to the porch, waiting to be invited to the shade.

“And whit be yer business?” The woman didn’t seem inclined to invite him any closer.

“I’ve scouted the land all around our claim. The five acres of your land down where Cracker
Creek drops in elevation is the perfect spot to set up a stamp mill. The side of the canyon has the
right slope and the water is moving fast enough to power the mill.”

“So yer business is askin’ me tae sell ma land?” She clamped work-reddened hands onto
those ample hips and glared at him.

“We’d give you a fair price for the five acres, and you could use the stamp mill to claim more
gold from your mine.” The information didn’t seem to change her opinion. She still glared at
him. “We’re allowing the nearby claims to build rails to bring their ore to the mill. They can use
the stamp mill, giving us a small cut of their profits.” He smiled at his family’s generosity.

“So ye’re doin’ this oot o’ the goodness o’ yer heart? Takin’ yer neighbor’s land and their gold.”
Her light green eyes flashed with indignation.

The book is available in print and e-book at The Wild Rose Press. Or you can order it from your nearest book store of


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This book sounds good, I will be checking it out. Thanks for having the September contest.

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