Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Faves

I'm late- I know. That's what happens when you stay up late every night then attend a meeting 3hours away and get home at midnight. I'm exhausted today.

Let's see what are some faves this week.

We're Fall calvers and we're half way through already! Yeah!

I've scheduled another book signing up in Washington. A group of Romance authors are going up the first weekend of November.

I finished first round edits of Doctor in Petticoats and sent it back to my editor.

After freezing rain on Monday the weather is warming up.

I had an epiphany about the book I'm co-writing with another author on my drive home last night.

My brother and his wife are coming for the weekend. The four of us haven't done anything together in forever so it should be fun.

How's your weekend shaping up?

And I realized last weekend, I forgot to put up another enneagram. So here is type eight from Laurie Schnebly Campbell's nine character types..

Type Eight is the Controller, the Aggressor, the Chief—this person is a self-confident, natural leader. They're used to taking charge, getting things done, making sure everyone gets a fair shake. They go after what they want, always keeping an eye out for the people they care about; they're strong individuals who take it upon themselves to defend the weak...kind of a Wild West sheriff mentality.
An Eight's motto is "I defend the innocent in an unjust world." And this is incredibly heroic—except that not everybody agrees on what is innocence and what is justice, so you might have some people who think this Eight is a real jerk! Scarlett O'Hara might be an Eight, considering how she went back to Tara and bossed everybody around and saved them from starvation. Some of the family resented her for it, but she was determined to get her way and make sure everybody at Tara survived...this take-charge attitude is what makes an Eight heroic.

EIGHT's fatal flaw is Lust. These are the leaders who lust for power, to be in control, to run the show and get things done their way. This person has to step back and share control, to let go of that lust for power. Here's someone who's spent their whole life running the show, making things happen, getting things done their way, and all of a sudden somebody's expecting them to give up control? Most types wouldn't have much problem sharing control with someone they love, but Eights didn't get to where they are by compromising on anything. So they resist. And maybe the lover walks away. And they try everything they CAN to win back this person—they want to give the lover everything, but they want to do it their way—and only after they give up this lust for being in control will they realize that here's the key to a kind of success they've never known before.


gtyyup said...

Yes, 74 here tomorrow! I've got to get one more part of the house painted and today's the day.

Funny story last week about the deer coming through your yard and the Men are over here...LOL...go figure!

Helen Hardt said...

Faves? The weekend's almost here, LOL. I've been exhausted and behind all week.