Monday, October 05, 2009

Working Weekend

Over the weekend I managed to finish the first draft of the Short Christmas story I've been working on. It's not perfect, I need to go back in and fine tune some scenes and work in some more emotion but the nuts and bolts of it is done and I don't have to turn it in for consideration until January, so I have time to let it sit and come back to it. That always helps to be able to leave a story for a time then come back to it when it isn't fresh in your mind. That makes it easier to cut if need be or boost it up . When your in the thick of writing it you are putting everything you have into it and can't find the courage to cut a sentence or a paragraph or a scene that isn't working. But after it's sat and you've put space between yourself and the story it is easier to make those breaks.

Today I start on my editor's edits of Doctor in Petticoats. Looking forward to seeing how I can improve and enhance the story with her suggestions.

After a rather stormy, gloomy day yesterday we are graced, today, with the sunshine that I love! Should be a good day for a walk and moving the horses.

I have to comment that I went to an art showing with my brother(who had bronze sculptures at the showing)on Friday night and then we went back to the gallery on Saturday morning so he could talk some more with the gallery owner. Anyway there were hundreds of people who wandered through the gallery and he talked with several who were interested in his newest pieces which he had there in clay. It isn't even in bronze yet. But the wonderful thing was he'd introduce me to the people as "My sister the writer." Then they'd asked me what I wrote and I ended up passing out several book marks (which I always carry with me). I don't know if I made any sales but I spread the word about my books some more. At the art show there were many beautiful paintings and some unique and inspiring statues. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

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Lauri said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Have fun with the edits!