Sunday, November 01, 2009

Fun fun fun in the California sun!

I had a good time last Thursday and Friday in California. I walked out to the airplane in Redmond with large wet snow flakes falling and stepped off the plane in San Jose to beautiful blue skies and sunshine.My cousin picked me up from the airport and we dined at an outside restaurant in Los Gatos before wandering around checking out the stores. After visiting my uncle we went to the Borders store in Los Gatos. I was met by Ellen the store's romance specialist and directed to the area of the signing. I saw several familiar faces among the other authors signing. We visited while waiting for the event to begin.

I enjoyed visiting with a TWRP author and old friend Jenny Anderson and a new TWRP author Marie Tuhat. I signed many books and left feeling like the event had been a success. Ellen even asked me to come back when I had a new release.

Friday my cousin and her husband took me to Santa Cruz. We drove along the shoreline and then checked out the shops on the wharf and had lunch. It was a wonderful day. Then they whisked me off to the airport and my return to the real world.


Lauri said...

Wow! Sounds like a great trip! Congrats on the successful book signing!

gtyyup said...

Fun Paty! The drive along the beach sounds perfect...warm sunshine is good too!