Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Faves

The high point of this week was getting a great response to my shout out for writers to allow me to post on their blogs the week Doctor in Petticoats is released. I'm setting up a blog tour with a prize at the end to the person who follow me around to the most blogs. More on that later.

My daughter and her crew went home on Monday. I know their leaving shouldn't be a fave. I love having them here, but it cuts into my writing time and as all writers know, we can get a bit grouchy when we can't produce.

On that note, I have finished the research I needed for this book and had a really good writing day on Wednesday, then yesterday I played all day making a new website since I can't seem to get the old one to update since getting a new domain name. ~sigh~ I am so technically challenged it boggles the mind.

Today besides writing, I need to get my Seduced by History blog written and queued.

My nephew moved in with us last night. He found a job in our area and will stay with us until he finds a place to rent. He said we could put him to work.... He may be sorry!

The weekend should be a mellow one. Just more cleaning up outside and hopefully some hours on the computer for writing.

How did your week shape up and is your weekend looking good?


Helen Hardt said...

I'm grouchy when I don't write, too, lol. And I haven't been writing! So much other stuff is on my plate right now, it's driving me bananas. Okay, next week for sure I'll get back to writing...

Paty Jager said...

Want me to check in with you next week, Helen and make sure you're writing?

Lauri said...

I so know the feeling! I love the grandkids, (and kids) but...well, you know! LOL.

I'm hoping to get a synopsis done this weekend (draft 780 anyway). And of course I'll be wearing purple and watching the Vikings game on Sunday!

Paty Jager said...

Lauri, I'm pulling for the Vikings. I was a fan when they had Tarkenton as the quaterback when I was just in diapers. ;)