Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Fave-Another Release

(I love this cover!)
My fave this week is receiving my release date for my first historical paranormal Spirit of the Mountain!! So everyone mark your calendars for August 13th. Yes, that is a Friday and I'm squeezing my brain to figure out how I can work Friday the 13th and paranormal into all my release promotion so if you have any ideas I'm all ears to hear your thoughts.

My dh also said we would go to a granddaughter's birthday next week.

I'm getting jazzed for my writing groups annual coast retreat at the end of the month.

In honor of the Valentine weekend, tomorrow please stop by and check out Rebecca Clark's latest release.

On a not so fave note- George Strait and Reba McIntyre are in concert in Portland in March and I can't figure out how to swing tickets. They are my two favorite country singers. If the local radio station has a contest for tickets you can bet I'll be listening to them 24/7!


Nicole McCaffrey said...

LOL ahhh, George, sigh. I just love him. Such an effortless, yet sexy, style about him. Pure cowboy.

Congrats on the release date--how cool that it's on a Friday the 13th! Maybe you could guest blog in 13 different places that day? LOL.

Paty Jager said...

I agree, he is the epitome of a cowboy.

13 blogs in one day! Ai Yi Yi! It could be done if I didn't also have book signing/reading that night.

Lauri said...

Congrats! I love that cover, too! Oh, I'll do some brainstorming for Friday the 13th, that could be fun!

Where's the B-day party? still my heart! He's my grown up 'little joe'! If the radio station has a me the phone number! ;)