Monday, February 01, 2010

Sunshine, meetings, and Vision Boards

I'm blogging over at MWVRWA about word power if you want to buzz over and see what I had to say.

Sunshine Sunday was very nice to behold. We did some outside chores and I was actually sweating in just a sweatshirt. Our nephew is staying with us and he can't get over the nice weather. He grew up where I grew up and believe me, I was happy to get away from the NE Oregon winters!

I have a busy week this week. I'm helping work up a score sheet for the local writer group literary contest and I'm co-presenting a workshop at the MVWRWA meeting on Vision Boards.

The vision boards are poster boards that have words and pictures cut from magazines that affirm your dreams and goals. I have information to give about the difference between a goal, a dream, and a resolution.

A GOAL is something you can attain in small increments. Like a daily writing quota, finishing or editing a work in progress, learning a new skill, taking a new risk, or creating and sticking to a fitness program that makes it easier for you to achieve your other goals.

A DREAM is harder to attain and may take several small steps to attain. It’s something you want, but are unsure or nervous about how to get there. If you break a dream into easier goals and resolutions, you find away to reach them.

A RESOLUTION is a promise you make to yourself in support of your goals and dreams, something that makes your life and the lives of those around you better, more fulfilled, and more supported.

Achieving your dreams and goals depends on several factors:
1. You should have a specific goal.
2. You have to be sure that you really want to achieve your goal.
3. You need to have a clear mental image of your goal.
4. You need a strong desire.
5. You need to disregard and reject doubts and thoughts about failure.
6. Show confidence and faith and persevere until you gain success


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