Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Faves

A good friend is here this weekend to take photos of myself and my dh for my diary entry with Farm and Ranch magazine. It should be fun!

My contemporary editor said every time she reads my book Bridled Heart she gets teary. That's a good sign since a CP said there was a part in the book that made her cry. Hoping to have a release date for this book in a few weeks.

I have four online workshops set up to teach the remainder of the year and two already scheduled into 2011!

Fellow Wild Rose Press author Linda LaRoque awarded me with this:

My instructions were to give you 5 truths and 1 lie about myself, or 5 lies and 1 truth. I've opted for truth. So five of these are true and one is a lie. Can you pick out which is the lie? If you do pick the lie, I'll send you a preview of my August release.

1. I've traveled to Holland.
2. I like peppermint ice cream.
3. I prefer bright colors.
4. I've ridden horses since I could walk.
5. My first horse was named Junebug.
6. I think baby pigs are cuter than baby calves.

I now get to torture seven lucky bloggers with this award.

Nicole McCaffrey
Lauri Robinson
Lisa Leoni
Marie Tuhart
M Pax
Tanya Hanson
Cate Masters


Linda LaRoque said...

Gee, Paty. These are hard choices. I named a horse Junebug in one of my novels so that has to be true. I'm going with #2, the peppermint icecream.

Good luck with your upcoming release.

M Pax said...

Oh yay! LOL

Ummm, I'm going to say the bright colors is the fib.

Paty Jager said...

Linda, Thanks for playing and tagging me.

Mary, Did you not see the jacket I wore last night??