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Wednesday Promo-Alice Audrey

Accounting and Romance? Why not? Alice Audrey, who does a little accounting in her spare time, likes to plot her novels on a spreadsheet. It seems to be working since she now has more manuscripts than she knows what to do with. She writes Romantic Suspense, Historical Romances, and even now and then something Sweet. You can catch her in action every Friday at her blog, Alice's Restaurant.

Why do you write romance?

Originally I wrote science fiction. After many years of this I had a little epiphany as a result of moving across country. The first thing I did in my new home was buy some romance novels. I devoured them quickly, then went for more, still not bothering with science fiction at all. After a few weeks of this I started to think maybe I should try writing romance. The morning I woke up with an historical romance plot in my head I thought myself very daring, but decided to give it a try. I wrote over 20 single spaced pages the first day, and a dozen pages a day over the next several days. I'd never written so fast in my life. Within a few months I had my first complete. I've been at it ever since

How did you come up with your hero and heroine? ( I know a Trygve. We were neighbors with a Norwegian family)

As per my discussions with my editor, Moving In had to tie in with the weekly serial Suzie's House which I post on my blog every Friday. We wanted to tap in to my built-in readership. Although I included characters from Suzie's House in secondary roles, I wanted completely new characters to help make the book stand on it's own. At least one of the new characters had to be connected in some way to Suzie's House. Thus Diane was born. She's Suzie's babysitter and friend. That tied her in with Suzie, Suzie's son, Ben, their mutual friend Miranda, and Ben's friend Gene. Suzie and Diane are both home bodies. They act as foils for one another. Diane's issues revolved around her belief that housewives are unworthy of respect while all the things that interest her are home oriented.

Trygve (I got the name from one of my son's friends) needed to address Diane's issues while having a few of his own. What better than an E.R. doctor? He moves into the house next to Suzie's house on the same day that Diane does and because he's already overdue at the E.R. he imposes on Diane when the former tenants are too slow to leave. The stresses of the E.R. are compounded by poor administration and long hours, and no chance to settle in. The results could be deadly. When he comes for his belongings, Diane sees how desperately he needs some help and gives it. The more she gives, the more he wants until he's forced to admit he doesn't just need her. He wants her.

What are you working on now?

I'm working on another related book involving Gene's mother and Suzie's lawyer. Gene is a tragic character, suffering from abuse in his single parent family. His mother has gone missing since he was five years old. His father always said she walked out on them. Turns out this isn't true. When he's 15 years old she shows up, having made some break throughs with her trauma induced amnesia. The problem is that Suzie has already adopted him and doesn't want to give him up.


When Diane and Trigvey move into the same building on the same day, more than their suitcases get tangled up.

Trigvey never once doubted his calling to be a doctor, but an accident in the ER has him doubting himself. Diane’s willingness to listen helps him get his head on straight. If only he felt worthy of a woman like her.

Diane is the kind of woman who would love to be someone’s wife. Not a trophy wife, or simply married, but the kind of wife whose job is to stay home and take care of the family, even if the family is only a husband. She feeds Trigvey and consoles him, and doesn’t even know she has him wrapped around her finger. Jilted for a career-woman and raised by a bitter divorcĂ©e, Diane no longer believes in that dream. It’s up to Trigvey to convince her it could still be real, if she chooses him.


Trigvey stared at the ceiling. He needed things. A lot of things. He’d lost control of himself and scared Diane off, which made him feel useless.

His thoughts circled endlessly as day faded into twilight. When someone knocked on his door, he knew who it was, but couldn’t imagine why she’d come back.

He didn’t mean to bound to his feet, and certainly had no intention of rushing to the door, but arrived short of breath and threw the door open.

Diane didn’t meet his eyes. “I… um… Would you like something to eat?”

Did she feel sorry for him? Not that it made much difference. He’d eat anything to be with her.

“Yeah. I’d like that a lot. You didn’t cook for me, did you?”

“I was going to cook for myself anyway,” she said.

She led the way down the stairs.

“You really are going to have to let me take you out sometime,” he said quietly.

She didn’t respond and he wondered if she’d heard over the quiet clattering of their footsteps on the steps. “Some place nice,” he continued.

Still, she didn’t say anything, but when she opened the door to her apartment, a rolling wave of hearth and home poured out.

He glanced at the sofa. She’d added a throw pillow done in some kind of silky fabric with an Oriental design to match the rug. A bookcase stood where his belongings had been.

She hadn’t wasted time erasing every trace of his presence.

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Helen Hardt said...

Great to meet you, Alice!

Lauri said...

Hi Alice,

Nice interview, and congrats on the book!

Happy writing!

Alice Audrey said...

Hi Helen. Hi Lauri. I'm sorry I'm so slow to respond. I'm getting over a cold and it's got my mind all messed up. I was sure the 19th was on Monday.

Cate Masters said...

Loved the interview! Great excerpt too, Alice. What a great idea to continue a serial blog in a novel. Congrats!

Alice Audrey said...

Thanks, Cate. It's been quite the experience. Now if I could just finish the revisions on the next one.

Susan Macatee said...

Hi, Alice!
Great to meet you and congrats on the book!
I grew up reading sci-fi and always thought the first book I wrote would be one, but in over the years, I found romance and my first book was a time travel. Sort of mixing historical and sci-fi, I guess.

Alice Audrey said...

I keep thinking I should be mixing the two. I still write SF. Yet I have no desire to write paranormals, and my SF is too SF from most romance readers. People tell me I should write YA, too, but that doesn't really appeal to me.