Monday, June 07, 2010

Monday Mulligan Stew

I'm returning, literally right now from Princeton. The dh is driving, and I'm using my internet card to get online for the first time since last Friday. Over the weekend I managed to write up all but two of the 10 blogs I need for my twelve day blog tour the end of the month for the release of Doctor in Petticoats.

The last week or so there have been several blogs and articles pop up on how much time a write should spend on promotion. They say to spend the most time on the promotion that gets the most sales. It's hard to keep track since I don't know how much I've sold until I get my quarterly sales reports and then I have to remember the report I get this month was for the first quarter of the year. Jan., Feb., and March. So then I have to go to my date book and see what I did those months that might have drove more sales.

But I've pretty much decided now that I'm giving more online workshops, which helps to get my name out there, and I like to do blogs to promote and to promote others I think I'll stick with those two items as my main promotion time suck. Both allow me to help other writers and that's what I like.

If you're published what do you think is your best time commitment to publicity? If you aren't published what in your mind is the best way an author can promote themselves?


Lauri said...

HEY! I feel like I haven't stopped by for ages. You do a great job with promo! I need to do more. I just like writing so much more than promoting. Look forward to reading your blog promo.

Paty Jager said...

LOl- Then you'll have to join me at fifteen blogs!