Friday, July 09, 2010

Friday Faves

I'm over at Emma Lai's today. Come by and see what I think are Seven Wonders.

Knock on wood. So far this jaunt of pipe changing has been going well. I'm getting better at hooking up the pipes and things are running smoothly.

I had to sit up above the alfalfa field in the spot we will eventually put a house on Wednesday night while on a chat with the group in my online workshop. Thankfully the mosquitoes stayed away until the last five minutes and my computer battery held out until about ten minutes after the chat finished.

I'm excited to ride on the Sumpter Valley railroad tomorrow with my younger daughter and her children on Saturday. Looking forward to it giving me an idea for Hank's book. The last book of my Halsey series.

Seven little green birds landed on the addition of the cabin and chirped like they were making travel plans before they flit away. I also watched a batch of baby quail being herded by their parents.

Being in Princeton has me punching out words again on the WIP.

I'm having a good time helping other writers with the bit o knowledge I have on characterization at the online workshop I'm teaching. Nothing makes me feel as good as helping someone else improve their writing.

Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the summer!


flchen1 said...

Happy weekend, Paty! It sounds lovely where you are! The sun's shining where we live, and it'll be a treat to head outside to enjoy it!

Paty Jager said...

Thanks, Fedora!
It is a scorching near 90 and my dh made me walk up the hill behind the cabin. My poor dog overheated.

but I had a great time yesterday with grandkids on an old steam engine.