Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Faves

Okay, my faves this week have to be the great reviews I'm getting for Doctor in Petticoats. Two fours with wonderful praise and 5 hearts today from The Romance Studio,again with wonderful words about my characters.

And yesterday I received an e-mail from a fan saying she loved my series and wanted to know when Hank would get a book. He's next in line. I'm still doing the research to get his book up and rolling.

Another fave is I found a person in Guatemala to correspond with to make sure the WIP is accurate. She's already sliced a couple of my misconceptions to shreds, but I'm glad. I would hate to write a story that is in correct.

I was the guest on a yahoo loop on Wednesday and found another source if I decide to write more books about Native Americans.

Yesterday was a major promo day: I wrote and sent out the August newsletter, put the pieces together for my August blog tour contest, and began making the posters for my book signings.

This weekend should be fun. Our daughter and her husband are going to the horse races with us on Saturday night. Finally a night of relaxation. We've been hauling hay every evening this week!

Have a great weekend!

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