Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Mulligan Stew

I've been doing a lot of thinking about my Goals and Dreams lately for writing. From the moment I decided to try my hand at writing novels my goal was to be published. I'd planned to be published at the houses of the authors I read. But instead, I've been picked up by a new, upcoming e-book and POD publisher. While I don't have books on every bookstore in America, I have had the chance to entertain others with my stories, which all along has been my top goal.

But I still have the dream to be published by a larger publisher.I've been working on a contemporary action adventure with that goal ever present in my mind.

What are your Goals and Dreams? They don't have to do with writing, they can be in life. My life goals and dreams are to sell our Redmond house and get moved into a newly built house in Princeton, so my husband and I can do more traveling.

These are some descriptions I found for Goal and Dream.

A GOAL is a tangible endpoint that feeds into more endpoints supporting your overall life. For instance, goals can include a daily writing quota, finishing or editing a work in progress, learning a new skill, taking a new risk, or creating and sticking to a fitness program that makes it easier for you to achieve your other goals.

A DREAM is something that seems a little further out of reach, and may need several cycles to achieve. It’s something you want, but are not necessarily sure how to get there. When you break dreams down into smaller goals and resolutions, you find a tangible path to reach them. Sometimes, as you evolve, you find the dream isn’t really what you want or need, and have to let it go.


Helen Hardt said...

I'd like to be picked up by a large publishing house also. But honestly, my primary goal at the moment is to make a decent living with my work, and that is possible at epubs. With a son going to college in a year, that's my focus!

M Pax said...

Goal and dream - contract. I daydream of 'the phone call'. Or, an e-mail will do. You'll hear me screaming in Redmond if it happens.

Paty Jager said...

Sounds like a plan, Helen. I hope it all works out for you.

Don't worry Mary it's coming, it's coming!

Lauri said...

My goal is in line with Helen's. Make a decent living writing. But, I must admit, a secondary one agrees with yours Paty, I'd love to travel more.

Damier Canvas said...
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