Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Mulligan Stew.

Can you guess what made these long winding tracks?

First order of business today- I'm at Star-crossed romance blogging about my latest release, Spirit of the Mountain and doing a give-a-way.

This week is busy. This morning I'm on a local TV talk show to promote my book and the book signing and reading I'm doing Thursday night at 6:30 at Camalli Book Company in Bend, OR.

Tuesday I'm judging at the Oregon State Fair.

Next week I'm teaching an online workshop about putting together book proposals.

I'm actually looking forward to November. That's when my life will slow down. although while I was out at Princeton last week, all week, by myself, I racked up some major pages on the WIP. I'm not so hopeful this week with all that's happening. I'll be lucky if I can get 5000 words done this week, total.

But I did learn I can only pour out so many words and I need to refill my creative energy. How about you? If you work on a project and pour all you have into it, do you need to refocus or refill your mental state to continue on?


M Pax said...

Are those quail tracks? Definitely bird. :)

Wow, that is a busy week. I need breaks. Doing other things often helps me create a better story. I usually need the rough framework to figure out what I want to hang in it.

Glad you made progress.

gtyyup said...

Hmmmm...I'm thinking snake!

I knew I should have gone down and visited you last needed a break!!

I like the press release you sent to me; I'm just going to use it as it is. It'll be perfect. Thanks!

Paty Jager said...

Ding, ding, ding, Mary wins! Yep! Those are baby quail tracks. When I first saw them I though they were a very large centipede. LOL

Karen, I'm glad the press release works. Can't tell I worked for a paper at one time can you. ;) I