Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Wednesday Promo- Michele Hart

Welcome Sci-fi and Fantasy author Michele Hart!

A latch-key kid raised in Brandon, Florida, Michele found the world outside her house boring, so she lived for shows about futuristic worlds, fantastic places. Star Trek, Bewitched, Night Stalker, Logan’s Run. Naturally, she found her future in alternate realities. She’s keeping it unreal. She writes Erotic Romantic Suspense, Sci-Fi Romantic Adventure, and Fantasy Romantic Comedy. Born with Transylvanian blood, she should have a horror story in her somewhere.
Michele’s favorite writers are Katie Macalister, Jennifer Estep, and Alisha Paige.

What is your favorite thing about writing Sci-Fi/Fantasy?
I see Sci-Fi/Fantasy as filled with hope Just watching the news can make you think this is a scary world and make you wonder if we’ll make it into the future. The magic in Fantasy gives birth to Sci-Fi. The hope in Sci-Fi says we will make it, and wondrous things will be there for us. A hundred years ago, space travel was just fantasy. Now, we’re figuring out how to get to Mars and spotting Earth-like planets in neighboring stellar systems. In the next hundred years, we’ll probably have tackled dead teleportation. Maybe even live teleportation, if it’s possible.

To date, what or who is your favorite world or character you've created?
I really like Jon, the hero of Mind-Blown. Besides having gorgeous peridot eyes, he’s brave, well knows his skill-set, and he’s a pretty resourceful guy. He goes for what he wants, despite high odds against him and the heroine Holly’s apparent expressions of disinterest. He’ll change her mind… What would any man do, holding the secrets to mind control while the woman he wants resists his charms? Jon never foresees an ending this disastrous. Troublemaker, isn’t he?

What's up next for you?
I have a new release coming in September, a spicy Sci-Fi Romantic Adventure called Luminous Nights. It’s a special book for me, written early in my writing career. There’s a little bit of Luminous Nights in every book I’ve written since.

If you like Sci-Fi action, prison breaks, alien chocolate seduction, super weapons, doomsday devices, explosions, narrow escapes, murder-defying deceit, and threats of genocide, all while riding a harrowing roller coaster with a man wearing a holographic mask, look for Luminous Nights at in September. Crazy fun! Frightening adventure..

Blurb for

Jon Paige discovers his employer is developing illicit mind-control techniques. He quickly learns how to hijack the system and breaks down his beautiful assistant’s persistent walls. Will Holly forgive him for sneaking into her mind, if she ever learns of it?

Holly Maddox is determined not to dip her pen in the company ink, a policy that’s served her well…until Jon comes along. He steals her mind when he’s in the room, weakens her fortitude with every flash of his flirty eyes and secretive smile. How will she keep herself from falling in love with her boss when he melts her impulse control?

When Jon and Holly decide to sabotage the brain-washing experiments, they learn they’re up against a greater power than they’d bargained for. Doing the right thing risks lives. Will the truth of their beginnings wreck their sizzling affair?


by Michele Hart
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Available in e-Book ISBN#: 1-60601-773-X * Soon in Print

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Alisha Paige said...

Mind Control! I love it! Congrats on your release, sis! Can I brag on you and tell everyone your debut novel, Looks Are Deceiving is up for a very big award? The Readers' Favorite Award! Ooops...just did! Can't wait to see you snag that award in Vegas! And remember what they say, What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas...or something like that. Have a happy Wednesday.

Anna Small said...

Can't wait to read it, Michele! It sounds like it would also make a great movie. Dibs on auditioning the male lead! And glad to hear that Luminous Nights is being resurrected and getting the recognition it deserved.

Helen Hardt said...

Great to meet you, Michele! I have to say you've piqued my curiosity with alien chocolate seduction... :)

M Pax said...

I certainly relate to the love of sci-fi. All success to you, Michele! Sounds like a great plot.

Michele Hart said...

Hi Alisha and Anna!

Thanks for dropping by! You are the best cheerleader, Alisha. Thank you.

Anna, I don't think I've casted Mind-Blown in my head, like I've done for Luminous Nights. It's darn hard not to talk about Luminous Nights... :-)

I'm betting every writer does that, casts the movie in her head. It's part of the fun!

Michele Hart said...

Hello, Helen and M Pax!

Thank you for stopping by. I just finished the book trailer. Take a look:

Hope you enjoy it.

Hugs to all,