Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friday Faves

It's been an interesting week. I'm closing in on "the end" of the latest WIP. I've incorporated some new twists and turns.

Last night I gave a presentation to the Central Oregon Writers Guild on GMC-Goals Motivation and Conflict. Thirty people attended. I had twenty handouts. Many appreciated the information and I made it through without too many umms and ahhs. While I don't care to speak in front of groups; get me talking about writing and I forget to be uncomforatable because I enjoy helping others with the writing process.

Next Friday I'll be at the RWA Emreald city conference. Next week I have to work on my pitches. Two projects to pitch. I have to research the editors and agents who are going to be at the conference and see who to pitch what.

My oldest grandson, he's five will be six the end of October, was wrestling with his younger brother in a rolled up rug and Kelly(the oldest) started crying. My daughter checked on him and he said his arm hurt. She couldn't see anything out of the eordinary and let him baby the arm the rest of the night.He's been to the ER three timesin his short life. By morning it had a bruise so she made a doctor's appointment. Turned out his arm was broke.He is now sporting a red cast.

When I was in Junior HIgh I fell off a horse three times in one day. By the end of the day my collarbone hurt. My mom, a RN, told me I sprained something and I went around holding my arm like it was in a sling until the pain went away. When I recieved my college physical the doctor wanted to know when I broke my collar bone. So you see nonchalance toward broken bones runs in the family!

How about you,ever have a bone or serious injury and not know it? Or a family member?
PS: I'm over at Seduced by History blogging about ghost towns.


Lauri said...

My youngest son loves telling the story of how I sent him to school with a broken arm. My classroom was next to his, and after I had to call in a sub, take him to the doc for a cast, and returned to work, his teacher came to me and said that he'd told my son his arm couldn't hurt that bad because I'd never send him to school with a broken arm. My son had crashed his bike the night before and at that point complained more about the scratches on his back and knees than his wrist. I never imagined his wrist was broken.

M Pax said...

The workshop was fabulous. Very informative. Great to see you packed the room. :D

Good luck at the conference next week! Knock 'em dead!

I've never broken anything, but tend to ignore pain unless it becomes excrutiatingly unbearable.

Paty Jager said...

Lauri, I think we've all had moments when we should have rethought what we did.

Hi Mary, Thanks! I hope everyone left with some new knowledge and perhaps motivated to write. I'm banging out the WIP so I can say it's done!

Caroline Clemmons said...

When we were visiting anasazi sites, we spent a couple of days in Durango CO. I'd hurt my ankle before we left, so I'd been wearing an Ace bandage and high top hiking shoes. In Durango, I changed in to a skirt and sandals and we went on the walking tour. I thought I turned my ankle but it hurt so much my daughter and I waited while dh went to get the car. The next day we went to Mesa Verde, but I couldn't hike down to the ruins, so I sat on a bench. When I got home, the ankle was okay but the instep had a fracture across it. I still have trouble with it, plus a bone spur formed at the outside of my foot where the crack started.

Paty Jager said...

Ouch,Caroline.That doesn't sound like any fun!