Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Faves Uh-huh, Friday faves, uh-huh

Come on sing it with me! Friday faves, uh-huh, Friday faves, uh-huh.

Yep, it is Friday. Another week has whizzed by so fast I'm blurry eyed and wondered what the heck I accomplished during the seven days.

I made changes to the second spirit book per my editors suggestions and I like the changes. I went back to my original ending. I'd changed it after a comment by a CP but the editor liked my original idea better.

One of the agents who requested a partial of the newest book, I lovingly call "the jungle book" also wants a brief summary of the next three books for this series. I have sketched out the second book. Going into this series Idea I only knew where the next books would take place, so I'm having to do a long character arc(through 4 books) and come up with plausible reasons for the two characters to meet at these places.

I met with a woman who married and a Venezuelan and lived in Venezuela. She gave me some great insight into my hero and how to keep the long character arc going for him and I need to change some things I originally had about his family background.

I'm headed to the Central Oregon Writers Guild Literary Harvest readings tonight. I made my contribution of leaf cookies and am looking forward to my friend Danita's arrival. She was in the top 10 winners and I'll read her story about her father for her tonight.

The scones for tomorrow's revision workshop with Elizabeth Lyons are made.

We moved the cows and horses last night putting them in new pastures that will keep them content for awhile. We only have 8 more cows to calve.

Looking forward to a busy but hopefully enlightening weekend. How about you? Any fun plans for the weekend?

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