Friday, October 01, 2010

Friday Faves

Headed to Emerald City conference with Julie!! Should be a blast mingling with other romance authors, editors, and agents. The book I wanted to pitch is first stage done. Won't take much to finish putting the shine on it.

Tomorrow, Sunday the 3rd, I'm at Petit Fours and Hot Tamales blog talking about Kodiak, AK. I've visited there twice now and give you my thoughts on the island.

*Me last year at the Emerald City book signing.

And today is the kick off of a new blog. Sweethearts of the West. I'm one of the monthly contributing authors. There will be some contests, some theme months, and talk about what we all love- The West. So stop on by, become a follower, and have some fun!

Another fave this week- I had a physical and everything is excellent! I believe your health is the catalyst for everything you do in your life. And I'm thankful for good genetics!


Mary Ricksen said...

Sounds great!!!

Lauri said...

Great things! The conference sounds awesome, have fun with the new blog, and yahoo on a clean bill of health.

susan said...

Paty your Petticoat series looks so good and I hope to some day have them. I am retired so can't get books like I once did but that does not stop me from keeping a list and hoping to get them. I love series as well as stand along books. I wantes to just add thanks for sharing your time with us and glad to meet you. susan L.