Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Mulligan Stew
Diamond Hotel- We had a seven course Italian Wine Dinner in an 100+ year old hotel in the town of Diamond on Saturday night. The town's population is 5. At it's zenith the population was 50. It was the hub for cattlemen, sheepmen, and local ranchers to get supplies and visit. The town was named in 1874 for the diamond-shaped brand used by the McCoy ranch in the valley.

During it's properous years it had the hotel, two stores, a saloon, ice house, and school. We sat in the icehouse for our dinner. It was a small room perhaps 16x20 with stone walls and low doorways with massive wood beams that had been attached to the saloon and hotel. The original wood flooring creaked when the waitresses stepped in just the right spots. The ceiling was low and the ambiance of soft lighting and thinckrock walls was cozy.

We were served an appetizer with a red wine that my non-wine loving husband liked. then we had soup and a white wine that was good. Then came salad, and fish, and a refreshing lemon granita, followed by the main course and dessert. Each course had a small glass of wine served with it, rotating from red to white. A unique treat was the woman who came each time they served a new wine and educated us about the wine, the flavors we should notice, and how the wine came about.

Not only did I get a new appreciation for wine and good food, I was ensconced in an atmosphere that will no doubt show up in a book some time. I like it when my real world mixes into my creative world.

Did you have a unique experience over the weekend? If nothing unique, was it a satisfying weekend?

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Tami Brothers said...

Hey Girl! Just wanted to give you a heads-up that I got an e-mail from your e-mail account telling me you were traveling and had your purse stolen and that you needed money. I think someone hacked your e-mail account.

Just an FYI. If you are in need of help, let us know and we'll send out a rescue team!!!