Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Mulligan Stew

Saturday we took the grandkids to the Central Oregon Pumpkin Company. It was like a mini fair with pony rides, zoo train rides, horse drawn wagon rides, petting zoo, a band, pumpkin patch, ship made out of hay and a corn maze.

My oldest daughter and I took the 8 year-old, 6 1/2 year-old and two 4 year-olds into the maze. Stop, Slow down, Wait, were said so many times people probably thought those were the kids' names! Then they would dive off the well-cleared path into the corn and we'd have to threaten them with being eaten by a corn monster to get them out.

Then we came upon a big orange tube slide in the middle. They couldn't get up the steps fast enough! But of course one of the 4 year-olds, who likes to be the center of attention, wouldn't budge once she was at the opening to the slide, holding up the other kids who wanted to slide down. Finally she let go and slide on down and the four raced around to get in line again. When we said twice was enough they were ready to get out of the maze and couldn't walk/run fast enough to find the exit.

As I was hurrying after kids or getting ahead to take pictures it donned on me how like writing the maze experience is. You know there's a beginning and an end, but the trip to get from point A to point B can be a wandering set of mazes with dead ends, or side trips, or fun slides, but once you know the story is over the hump you make a mad dash for the end and hope you find the right exit.

After a fun weekend I"m ready to get in and work hard on my revisions this week. What do you have planed for the week?


susan said...

Sounds like a wonderful week end and I can see where you are ready to slow down a bit. The younger ones sure can give off the energy..too bad it can not be bottled and given to parents and grandparents when needed. ha susan L.

Paty Jager said...

Hi Susan, I agree! If we could just bottle up all their energy we'd be able to keep up with them!

M Pax said...

Sounds like great fun.

There are many metaphors for writing in life. Aren't there?

Dang. The sun has disappeared again.