Sunday, November 28, 2010

Early Monday Mulligan Stew

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family. While in Eastern Oregon we also went Christmas Tree hunting. It's a tradition we did when the kids were young and we went every other Thanksgiving to my parents house. Since we were in Wallowa Valley for my book signing on Saturday we went to my dad's on Friday and Friday afternoon we scouted his mountain for a tree.

The grandkids had a blast, playing in the snow and warming their hands around a campfire. Of course a couple of snowball fights ensued and it isn't a true Christmas tree trip without someone going face first in the snow. This year it was my son-in-law Dan who was cutting a tree on the edge of a drop off. I couldn't keep from laughing when he disappeared and all we saw was the bottom of his boot. He came up with snow in his beard and spitting pine needles.

We came back with two trees, one about twelve feet- four feet taller than my daughter's ceiling and one about seventeen feet which will look nice in our 28 foot high ceiling living room.

When we left Baker City on Sunday morning there was about six inches of snow on the ground and still snowing. It felt like Christmas was around the corner. But we arrived in Central Oregon to sunshine and no snow. Only cold wind. Hopefully putting the tree up later in the week will bring back the Christmas spirit traipsing through the snow evoked.

Do you go out in the woods for your tree or do you get one from a tree lot?
Photos by Paty Jager and Christy Keerins


M Pax said...

Used to go tree cutting when I was a kid. Since it was Western NY, there was usually snow.

Since it is now just Husband & I, my tree comes from a box prelighted. It fits nicely on the mantle.

When in DC, my roommate & I usually went to a lot. If you do that, have them trim off the bottom branches for you. Do NOT use a butcher knife. I kept saying to my roomie, "Show me your other hand." But to the ER we ended up.

Lauri said...

Great pictures, and it sounds like a wonderful weekend!

Roberta C.M. DeCaprio said...


Your tree trip and pictures brought back childhood memories of Christmas and the way my dad loved to decorate the house for the holidays. Thanks for a bit of nostalgia.

Roberta DeCaprio