Monday, November 01, 2010

Monday Mulligan Stew

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Wow, another Monday.

I spent the weekend at our property in Princeton. Sat. Morning I worked on edits for my recently contracted second book in the spirit trilogy. In the afternoon, I disced the last 20 acres of the 60 we've planted and then harrowed while my dh started planting beardless barley. I also moved wheel lines together so we could tie them and prevent the wind from whipping them around this winter or until someone buys them.

Sunday, We tied up the wheel lines and the dh finished seeding.I rant he backhoe while we moved equipment around to make room for the dh to start digging the trench for the water and electricity to the irrigation pivot we're putting in. Yes, next summer I won't have to change pipes! Just come out here and start the pump and watch the pivot go back and forth.

So how was your weekend?


M Pax said...

Well, that sounds busy.

Worked on Beacons. Some inspiration finally hit. yay.

Lauri said...

You did have a busy weekend! Mine was all at home stuff. Set up the author event at the Library on Saturday and spent Sunday Trick or treating! Fun stuff!