Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Mulligan Stew

Back to the grindstone. I have a book I want finished by the end of April so I need to get my butt in the chair and get to writing. Focus. That is my New Year's resolution. I need to stay focused on my projects so I can finish the third spirit book and finish the Halsey series, though I'm adding a secondary character to Hank's story that may warrant a book, too.

My daughter had to leave her pair of Miniature Australian Sheperds with us. The airlines didn't allow them to fly during the holidays. So we'll have Molly and Maverick with us until March. Our two cow dogs are dealing well with the visitors. But I'm discovering a character for a reluctant hero in Maverick. He and Molly have been together for two years and they've yet to produce a litter of puppies much to my daughter's dismay.

I believe the reason there haven't been puppies is the fact Molly is the dominate of the pair. She drops Maverick to his belly in a subordinate pose continually. She keeps him away from her feed dish all day and steals bones from him. At first I thought he was just a chivalrous gent, but he's a coward.

When we feed the cows, the other three dogs jump onto the hay trailer and Tink the min-pin/chihuahua stands by the tractor waiting to be set in her box on the side of the tractor. But Maverick cowers at my feet. I have to put him on the trailer and hold him so he doesn't jump off. He quivers and whines as we drive from the barn and into the field. Then as the cows crowd around the trailer bawling and grabbing at the hay, he finds the farthest spot from them and quivers while the other three bark at the cows and run back and forth trying to chase the cattle away from the hay.

The trailer tires needed aired up. The minute we turned the air compressor on, Maverick sprinted to the house.

Now all these traits are pretty cowardly, but he has a large heart and even for all Molly's beating him down, he romps and plays with her, teasing and rolling. I can see many heroic traits in him, and I think down the road there just might be a hero in one of my books that has a resemblance to Maverick.

The photo is Molly. I couldn't find a photo of Maverick. hmmm.. that kind of goes with his image doesn't it.

Have you ever read a book that had, what at first appeared to be, a cowardly hero?

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M Pax said...

I don't recall any cowardly heroes ... but I'm sure there have been many in many books. Just can't think of one.

Wishing you well on completing the new book by April.