Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday Promo- Cat Shaffer

All I want for Christmas is .... hmmm, I really don't know what I want for Christmas.
Hitting the lottery would be nice. So would an unexpected inheritance from a relative I've never met. Or perhaps a sexy guy who just happens to move in next door and offers both his carpentry and auto repair skills.

See, here I am, moving from my letter to Santa to new plot ideas. When people ask me "Where do you get your ideas?", I always want to reply, "In the deep, distorted recesses of my mind."

That's what some of my friends thought when they learned of my secret identity: Cammie Eicher, paranormal suspense writer. They had a little trouble reconciling the woman they knew – newspaper editor, choir director, Red Cross volunteer, community organization board sitter – with Cammie's vision of vampires in Louisville, Kentucky. Or the romantic suspense coming out next year with a heroine who's half-Valkerie and on the run from Odin's ghost warriors.

Then again, they also have trouble reconciling the real me with Cat Shaffer, contemporary romantic suspense author, even though that's a little closer to their vision of reality.

But that's okay. We're all entitled to our secrets. And mine just happens to be that every evening, I sit down at the keyboard and immerse myself in worlds of my own making, with sassy heroines and sexy heroes, where life takes an unexpected turn and tosses them into danger.

Like my new Cat Shaffer novel, "No Safe Place," coming out right now from Turquoise Morning Press. It's set in a small town, like nearly everything I write, fictional village of Oslo, West Virginia. And while I've spent the majority of my years in small towns, I must admit that I've never lived in a town quite like Oslo, with a pawn shop, strip club and secretive cult all within spitting distance.
And I will also admit that I've never had a tow truck driver/auto mechanic as sexy as Nat, the hero in "No Safe Place." My mechanic, whom I adore, is great with a wrench but I've never once been tempted to drag him into the back seat of a car in the "to be fixed" part of the lot and have my way with him.

Which brings me back to the quandary of what I'd like to have the jolly old elf drop off at my house. A new car, so I spend less time writing checks to my mechanic, would be nice. So would a new sofa, since I just gave my oversized sectional to my daughter.

But what I think I'd really like is enough time to turn all those ideas into books, and the services of an elf with perfect proofreading skills.

Cammie's Shadow Ancient series of vampire romantic suspense, published by Resplendence Publishing, and her ghost romantic suspense "Dead Man Stalking" are available in e-book format through on-line booksellers. Cat Shaffer's contemporary romantic suspense novels, "Kentucky Blues" and "No Safe Place," from Turquoise Morning Press, are available in e-book and print.


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Melinda B. Pierce said...

"An elf with perfect proofreading skills" That sounds about right! Though, if you won the lottery, you could buy one of those and have enough left over for a new car :-)