Monday, February 07, 2011

What's on the Page?

I've started my book and now I have to keep the story on track. A good way to do this is by having a theme that you refer to as you write the book. It helps to keep the focus of the story.

My problem... I'm bad at theme. I just give it a line I think is the crux of the story. In the case of Spirit of the Sky the theme or my take on the story is: Even though we are all different we are all the same.

The reason behind this is the fact my hero is a cavalry officer and my heroine is a Nez Perce spirit. They are in essence at war with one another yet they find that though they have different mind sets they both want what is best for the Nez Perce, only they have differing ideas again of what that is. But they both harbor the same emotions and opinions of certain things.

So while the book is about differences, it is also about how though things appear different they are the same.

As a writer do you find a theme to your books? If so do you find it before you start the book or after it's written and incorporate it in the revisions? Readers, do you notice the themes in the books you read?

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Lauri said...

Theme? Yes, and no. Sometimes in writing and sometimes in reading. Interesting post...something to ponder...