Friday, March 04, 2011

Flash Friday

Wendy Warren -
"Need some R&R? Visit Honeyford, Oregon, the little town where life is sweet and the buzz is all about love! SOMETHING UNEXPECTED by Wendy Warren--book two in the nationally bestselling series Home Sweet Honeyford--is available in March from Silhouette Special Edition."

Delle Jacobs-
"Just wanted to let you all know, LADY WICKED, my Golden Heart winner,
Golden Rose, Golden Opportunity and Royal Ascot, has finally reached
"published" status! This is the book of my heart, and it's as exciting
to me as the first published book was, back in 2000. And the reviews so
far are fabulous. 4 1/2 stars from RT Reviews.
To celebrate, I'm giving away gift certificates to the first ten people
who email me, $10 to the first person, and $5 to the next nine. Or, for
those who use Kindles, I'll give a direct download of the book, a $7
It's available in both ebook and paper book at The Wild Rose Press and Amazon."

Cassiel Knight -
"Feels like I've been waiting for years but it's only been just under one. As requested, this is a reminder of my Virtual Book Launch party happening at Please stop by, say hi and be entered to win a daily drawing. And if you go to Samhain's blog at their home page at and come back with the answer to this question, "What makes a shape-shifting rock happy?", you'll be entered to win a $20.00 gift certificate from Samhain (in addition to any daily prizes you may win).

Other than the prizes, I've put in some extra excerpts, a preview of Book 2 in the series and some deleted scenes - you know, the things we remove from the story but can't quite seem to get rid of? It was really nice to revisit them."

Delilah Marvelle, Kristina McMorris, Lisa Hendrix, Minnette Meador -
In case you haven't heard, Jan's Paperbacks is hosting a wine and cheese party this Saturday at 7pm to celebrate the store's 30th anniversary. It's free to the public. Delilah, Minnette, (Lisa too?) and I will be there hanging out and chatting books.

Launch Party!
Rogue's Angels are celebrating the release of A St. Patrick's Day Tale. Giving a way free downloads, blogging, and having a great time.
Stop by In the next three days at Rogue's Angels blog, leave a comment, or try the challenge and your name will be put in a drawing for a free download of The Gift by Christine Young, Allana Angel. Prizes will change every three days.

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