Friday, March 25, 2011

Hot Writing Week

This week I have really scorched the keyboard on my WIP, on changes for short story that is contracted, and a short essay story for my local writing group.

I like that I'm getting to the last of the major historical events I need to incorporate in my WIP. Once I get past those two the rest of the story should go even faster. I'm over the hump in word count and headed on the downward slide.

The short story was sent to my editor at Wild Rose Press she liked it but they had just started a new series for love letters and I'd mentioned a letter in the story I sent her so she had me rework it to fit in the series.

The essay story is about someone I new as a child. Josephine taught me life's to short to not dance when you feel like it.

I also started a new pet project his week. CP Matchmaker. It's a site where I match writers together to form three person critique groups. I've had a great response and hope the people I've matched so far will work out well. And more will fill out the form and send it in to find other writers with like minds to help them bring out the best in their writing.

The April/May Farm and Ranch magazine with my dairy and photos is out. If you want to see some of the photos taken but not used in the magazine you can go here: I've had several people

e-mail from across the U.S.


Lauri said...

The pictures for the magazine are awesome! Love the idea of a "Love Letters" series. The CP site is awesome! Way to go on all aspects! Hope this coming week is just as hot for you.

Paty Jager said...

Thanks Lauri!