Monday, April 25, 2011

New Mondays

This weekend I attended a writers workshop on marketing and because of that workshop there will be a change on my Monday blogs. This blog is to draw in readers. Starting next week every Monday I'll put up 500 words from a Christmas story I've started and hope the story will end right before Christmas if all goes well. I'll try to make it so the Monday blogs will archive together and anyone coming in later on can read the past post with ease.

Also because of the marketing workshop when my webmistress puts my May changes on my website we will be adding the first chapter of all my published books to the site to give the reader a better taste of my writing.

The weekend was a wonderful eye opening weekend for me. I've started looking at my writing in a different way.

I walked outside during a break and there was wonderful sunshine and a boat crane going under the bridge on I 205. I took a picture for my husband thinking he'd enjoy it only to have him tell me "I've watched that bridge go up before. Remember I trucked for twenty-five years." I shouldn't have given him the hagelslaag I found in the oddest of places. Who would have guessed a fabric store would have a small section of Dutch food?

How was your weekend? Do you like the idea of my giving you bits of a story every Monday?


M Pax said...

I hope everything went great at the workshops and all. :D

Sounds like you learned a lot.

Paty Jager said...

Hi Mary, I did learn a lot at the workshops and they all went well. I had two agent requests for what I was pitching and one for a product yet unwritten. And two editor requests.