Monday, April 04, 2011

What's on the Page?

My Work in Progress is closing in on the black moment/crisis. I've pictured the ending in my mind multiple times and it's always the same way. As I write towards that ending, I find myself second guessing the outcome and wondering will it pack the emotional punch I originally thought? Will my character's reactions ring true?

The definition for the Black Moment/Crisis/Climax according to Donald Maass in his book Writing The Breakout Novel. "Climaxes are both inner and outer, both plot specific and emotionally charged. The payoff needs to fully plumb the depths in both ways if it is to satisfy."

The black moment in a romance the hero/heroine realize how deeply they love the other person, and do something they would never do otherwise to be with or save that person. In a non-romance it's where the character(s) have their epiphany or take the turn that makes their life better, or in the case of a thriller/suspense/mystery the villain is thwarted or brought to justice. Sometimes in a literary piece it's where a person dies and the essence of the story is realized by the character or the reader.

What is your favorite black moment in a book you read?

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