Monday, April 11, 2011

What's on the Page?

Last week didn't get me as far along on my book as I'd hoped. Little things interrupted my time AND I'm at a crucial historical fact part that needed much reading and visualizing to make it fit in the story.(I'm still working on it)

But a topic that has come up last week on some loops I'm on is what makes a book a good read?

I think each reader would have a different reason why they read a book. Some for characters, some for the flowing prose, some for a thrill, others for the chance to exercise their minds.

This wide range of reader likes is what makes being a writer fun. You can write what you like to read and there will be readers out there who enjoy it too. The first romance novels I picked up and read and enjoyed were Nora Roberts' MacGregor books. The characters in those books grabbed me from the beginning and held on so well, I love rereading them. I enjoyed the family and the different ways they interacted and cared for one another.

And if my reviews and fan email are any indication, it's my characters that have captured my faithful readers.

What element of a book or the genre you read keeps you turning the page and rereading the book and the author?

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